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Don Gabriel - Cuban Cigars Specialists Since 1998 - Testimonials

Don Gabriel - Cuban Cigars Specialists Since 1998 - Testimonials

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Below are testimonials from some very satisfied clients. For privacy reasons, full name and address is not provided. You are ver welcome to place your testimonial here:
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All three orders arrived today; this is the fastest order / delivery process I have ever experienced with you in all the years I have been a customer. Whatever process changes you have implemented are working well, I'm planning further orders in the near future.

Well done!

Mr. M Mills
Thank you for my recent delivery. In the words of Leonard Nimoy as Mr Spock in Star Trek, 'Live Long and Prosper', best wishes to my friend Dr de Matos. From David in Scotland. David Robert Anderson
Dear Sir,

everything arrived in best condition.

Thank you very much

Best regards
Rainer -Germany Rainer Schwuchow
no reply to emails
no reply to phone calls
order taken by you on 18th feb no delivery and no correspondence its now 23 april

stephen cohen
Cigars in excellent condition in perfect order. Thank you.
Dr. A. Dr. Arno Wenemoser
Thanks Don, stuff was prime quality and arrived perfectly packed. Delivery time was fairly long, about 2 months, but everything got to me home, was authentic and good quality. Lauri H
I have order three times.very good service very good cigars
sui chun To
Excellent Cigars, good service. Thank you again Arno
both pakages arrived within 3 days of each other much appreciated many thanks for excellent service, nigel b nigel b
Everything has arrived and the cigars are excellent as always.
Another very satisfied customer.
Bryan J UK
Last days received a box of san christobal el principe in perfect cond.
Peter N. austria
Last days received a box of san christobal el principe in perfect cond.
Peter N. austria
today received a box of behike 52 in perfect conditions!
greetings from austria
Peter N. peter from Austria
Received a Box Behike 54 in Perfect Conditions!
Peter -Austria
Received yesterday a Box Cohiba Robusto in Perfect conditions!
Gereinigt from snowy Austria! Peter / Austria
Excellent condition and all arrived safely well done. BJ - GB
Thank you very much the second part of my order arrived safely . Fantastic service Nigel
And again a perfect delivery!

With the DG Cubans....!!!!

Thank You again! Ag
First Pakage arrived safely many thanks ,Kind regards Nigel
They arrived yesterday in perfect condition, thank you very much!

BR, Timo
Yesterday i received yesterday a Box Behike 52 in Perfect conditions! Looking forward to enjoy after a Perfect Diner tonigth!
Yours, Peter
I received my 1/3 packkage, Perfect!
Got today a box of behike 52 in perfect conditions!
Will smoke and test it after diner tonight!
Thx and best regards! Peter
Very much enjoying the cigars I received last week.Quality is clearly the main priority with Don Gabriel. I look forward to the next half of my order.
Best Regards,
Again a fine box of cigars arrived here....

keep them coming !

I now regard Dr Nogueira de Matos as my best friend in Europe. Felicitations to everyone in H.Q. y viva Don Gabriel. David
The cigars were perfect. I thought by the time they got here they would be dried about but I was wrong. You guys do an excellent job of packing and the smokes were great. I just wish the shipping was faster. Mine took about 5 weeks. But I gotta say, it was worth the wait. Keep on keeping on boys.

Received the cigars today in excellent condition thank you regards,Charlie. Charles A. Landry
I just received my two boxes of Cuban cigars, both in perfect conditiona dn jsut in time!
Obrigado Muito
Happy Easter to Don Gabriel and thankyou for an increased variety of cigars for my next purchase. David David
Just as always two boxes arrive in perfect condition.
Thank You all at Don Gabriel.
Best Regards
Dear Don,

the boxes arrived in perfect condition! Thank you for the pleasant service! I look forward to he next orders!

Kind regards

Harry G.
Received my order in batches of two, nice wrapping and good quality as always. Tanx. certainly ordering again. Greetings from the Netherlands Richy
Dear Don Gabriel, One box arrived in perfect. Now Iam waiting for the next two boxes.
Yours Mr. XX
Hi Don Gabriel Team!
Already got my order for Behike 52 and 56 and both are in best conditions and looking forward to a Great taste at the first smoking.
Greetings from Peter
Luisa, finally recieved my cigars, longest wait of my life!!! however its funny how once those beautiful cigars are in front of you ALL THE WAITING AND FRUSTRATION IS INSTANTLY FORGIVEN AND FORGOTTEN!!!
thanks a lot, will buy more very soon
redards, farid
Both boxes arrived,as,usual in exellent condition. James
today received my 4 boxes in perfect condition Osman
Both boxes arrived nice and quick and in excellent condition, a brilliant service.
Stephen Stephen cook
Two parcels; two perfect boxes of cigars and once again excellent service. (special thanks to the help desk for assistance)
Cheers, Bob - Scotland
Excellent service, as always, and my boxes of Vegas Robaina Don Alejandro are in perfect condition looking forward to enjoying them. Bryan Bryan J
Securely received two boxes of cigars. Excellent service to the UK. John M.
Ordered two more boxes of excellent cuban cigars...
I recieved my first box withing 10 days, perfect condition.. and have already had some perfect cubans. The second box, due to a mix up by the USPS did not arrive in a timely fashion. The USPS attemprted delivery but I was not home and they never left me a note notifying me to pick up my package. After checking with Don Gabriel customer service, I was informed that that had attempted delivery and they were being held at the postal office. I went the same day and picked up my second box but after siting in the post office for almost three weeks some of my cigars did suffer from lack of humidty and temp controls,, Lesson learned on my part.
No fault of Don Gabriel...
All in all, many great cubans now resting comfortably in my Humidor... Thanks again, muto obrigato
Gene C
Once again my orders arrived two days before Christmas, So happy and the cigars are sitting nicely under my Christmas tree. Thank you again for fantastic services in 2012 and cigars are always in wonderful condition. Will be looking forward to place more orders in 2013. Nathan
Received 2 boxes of BHK 52s. Just perfect! Nihat
Received my first of two packages today 15/12/2012 in perfect condition and beautifully wrapped.
Delivery took a little longer than I expected, so I will order sooner the next time. Hans H. - Netherlands
2 boxes of very nice looking D4 turned up this morning...not sure I can wait for all of them.

Might have to smoke one now! Tom
Excellent service, as always, and my boxes of Vegas Robaina Don Alejandro are in perfect condition looking forward to enjoying them. Bryan
Finally got around to smoking my partagas lusitania...bliss. great service as always, thanks dg!!

There is a Habano God just as I had thought and his name is Don Gabriel. Recived my first of two packages today 09/26/2012 in perfect condition and beautifully wrapped.Will be placing another order tommorrow. Best regards. Pete P.
I recieved several boxes, all of them
perfectly wrapped, as if it was my birthday
over and over again ...........
Of course I unwrapped some boxes and examened
the cigars inside , they smelled like cigar-heaven ! ;).

Thank you Don Gabriel , MC R.Bessels
I ordered 2 Boxes and both were recieved in back to back days within 10 days of the order confirmation...
Cigars were in perfect shape and record delivery time... I have enjoyed several of my new cigars already
Muto Obrigado
Shipment received 2 of 2 , cigars in great condition.
This was my second order and will be orderind again. Pete
Yesterday i received my order. Cigars arrived after being re shiped for THE seconde time. Very good service and good email/ telefone contact. Thanks again, Will order again soon....don gabriel THE best there is!!!! MJM
The first shippment come very fast, and in good health.
Many thanks to helpdesk´s Luisa for helping me on this order.
Internet shopping and computers just isn´t my best know-how.
Looking for to do businness in the future.
Sincerely: Johnny
today got another delivery with siglu robusto in best conditions. also the delivery from yesterday siglu VI and Partagas D4 so good! thx for y´re effort. and i´m looking forward to partagas P2 but the time for waiting is short because i can relax with the other cigars!
best regards
peter n
Both boxes arrived as usual, great smelling cigars.
Best service ever.
Kind regards
Stephen. Stephen
From the time I received the dispatch confirmation email to the time I received my cigars, it took 13 days. I was a little concerned how the cigars would be, being out of humidity for that long, but my worries were unfounded. The cigars arrived in good shape. Thanks,

Big R.

Dear Don Gabriels Team! Thx so much for y´re special service and delivery. today i got 10 p. Siglu VI and 10 p. Partagas D4. Looking forward to smoke this cigars in best conditions with my friend in my lounge.
Best wishes from Peter Peter N
my order is arrived. Thank you for you very nice contact and fast delivery.
I´m unfortunately not at home and so i can´t enjoy the cigares. But I am looking forward to smoke the first cigare in my lounge what i´m purpose-built for smoke cigares with my friends. Volker M.
Thank you ever so much for cigars. Your system with credit cards is so easy and clear - and those puros are great, of course. Jarmo S.
Thank you for the speedy delivery! Cigars r in excellent condition. Waiting to place another order ASAP when partagas D4 are available.
Thanks! N. Lee
Today I order here at first time, Luisa Cardoso help me a lot,thanks.Hope to receive good cigar! X. Zhang
Received my 2 boxes in a very short time shipping!
Don Gabriel is still the best!

Dear sir,

My favourite cigars arrived in excellent condition.
Nice gesture, those 5 handmade Don Gabriel cigars.

Best wishes from R.Bessels
received my second package thank you all for this perfect service and i hope you fill the stock with other cuban cigar brands. Osman
Just recieved the cigar! Very impressive with the package.

With Loves Osman
Zum ersten Mal bestellt - beide Päckchen kamen bestens verpackt nach kurzer Zeit hier an. Alles sehr gut - und vielen Dank für das Präsent! Roger R.,
As always cigars arrived packed perfectly, Partagas and siglo.
Thank you.
A fine service you offer.
Many thanks to Don Gabriel, received my cigars in good time and in excellent condition as usual.Best regards Alan
yesterdey i rceived my cigars in perfect condition thx !!!
No problems with the cigars good/perfeckt condition
exellent service from DG
Greetings from Hans @ - 27 celsius today Hans
Excellent service. Thank you for that you understand me. Highly recommended. Good quality cigars!

Regards, JK
Very good quality cigars... thank you. Fast delivery!

Regards, Jim
My order arrived today and the quality is excellent! Very happy with the service. Looking forward to order more Cohiba Behique BHK in the coming months. Thanks Nathan
Once again Don Gabriel has provided execellent service and a great habano to my door steps. My order arrived in prime condition and packaged nicely. Thank you to the Don Gabriel family and a special thanks to Nelia for outstanding customer service. We wait patiently for the remaining orders. Thank you
Don Juan
Today received part 2 of 2 from Order No:DG319586
A regular and very happy customer. Thank you J Windrum
Yesterday and today I received my first delivery of Don Gabriel Cigars (order DG398644). The cigars are in perfect condition and I already tasted the first one this evening. Thank you very much - I will order again for sure!

The only (very small !) drawback is, that the tracking system of the courier service used does not really work - according to that system both boxes are still in Lisbon ;-) Christoph M.
Just wanted to take the time to say thank you to all the staff.My last order of H Upmann Magnum 50 arrived quicker than anticipated and the cigars were in excellent condition as always. So nice to receive boxes that are already nearly two years old, I know a lot of online suppliers ship very young cigars, but never you guys. I have placed yet another order and look forward to placing many more.

Wishing you a happy 2012

Tom W.
Today received part 1 of 2 from Order No:DG319586
A regular and very happy customer. Thank you Jeremy W.
This is to other people who read the reviews before they purchase. I am curious to see if this will even show up.I was asked to send a picture of my passport and credit card details. These items will never be provided. Seriously consider purchasing somewhere else. Bradley Scott

Reply form Don Gabriel : This are our terms for first time buyers. We need to protect our company from a few known smart guyes...
after some constraints in my last order due to it problems on your side i received everything in good condition as always. being a long lasting customer i am very satisfied by your service and prices.

thanks and cheers
Andreas T. Andreas T.
Hi Don
Cigars arrived to-day in perfect order and as usual its a pleasure doing business,keep up the good work
Kind regards
Cigars received.Cigars in very good condition.
Thanks for The extra

Br Jorma
Many thanks on getting order no DG715946
To me so fast. Great work
Dear Team,

I received part 2 of 3 in perfect conitions.

best regards
Dear Team,

I received your shipment an Present, thanks. Cigars are in the usually fine conition.

Best regards
Part two of order(Partagas no4) arrived beautifully packed
as always,still awaiting part one.
Excellent service thanks
just got my cigars and is sitting nicely under my tree. Thanks for the fantastic cigars. As always the qualities of the cigars is excellent.

I want to order more give up the stocks.

Great service, very prompt delivery. Cigars in very good condition. I will be back for more in the future. arietee
I`m very satisfied with the cigars I received. Everything in perfect condition, once again! Thank you!
best regards Pekka
Order ID:DG199649
First time user. Cigars arrived as promised this morning - perfect for my birthday celebrations. Thank you.
Look forward to getting the second order of Partagas D4
First time ordering from Don Gabriel and everything was as promised. Very pleased and will continue to order from Don Gabriel. You want authenticity then order from LCDH chain and Don Gabriel has proven to be a strong link in that chain.

Across the seven seas :) Don Juan
Thank you for the speedy deliver and excellent quality of cigars.

Very happy customer!
N. Lee
Just received the last of my latest order, everything arrived in good condition. I am looking forward to further additions to my collection in the future. REM
recived my order today, am now enjoying a good smoke thanks very much fo r the exellent service.S H s holmes
Cigars received ,all perfect as usual!
Thanks for the extra
Best wishes to El Presidente and do you sell the hats in your advertisement, either new or second-hand ? D.R.ANDERSON
Once again the cigars arrived on time and in wonderful conditions.
best regards arietee
Cigars arrived nice and quick as always.

Thanks all at Don Gabriel. S. cook
Great service, cigars packed well and in good condition...cant wait to smoke one after they sit for a while.!! SD
Nice quick delivery on my last order and as alway beautifully packed.
Cigars are fantastic. Awaiting my next shipment.
Felicitations to El Presidente.Beautiful order now complete again. Thanks to Fernanda and Dr.Nogueira de Matos.
Today i received my order, all cigars in perfect condition.Great service, fast delivery.
Regards vagelis
Have already received 3 from 5 boxes ordered. Partagas Trinidad Romeos and waiting the edmundos and the dg rolled gifts.

Excellent service excellent cigar quality

Thanks DG-Mike
first part of order arrived in excellent condition.
also many thanks for the present.......

Mark C
mark. c.
My second order
Recieved the cigars in 5 days quick delivery
1 box partagas culebras
1 box trinidad reyes and 5 extra DG cigars!
All was in perfect condition
Best regards arietee arietee
So delighted to get recent shipment, just a week after ordering. Well and attravtively packaged as usual. Thank you Don Gabriel Toni P
Once again cigars received in perfect condition! Thank You!
Best regards to all friends of good cigars!
My first purchase has been delivered. Cigars in excellent condition.

will become a regular customer.

Best Wishes Michail
Purchased two boxes of cigars which arrived safe and sound today in fantastic packaging and in superb A1 condition.

Many Thanks indeed I will be using you again for all my cigar needs from now on. Neil
Just received my 2 boxes plus the 5 extra DG cigars!
Fast delivery,very nice packaging...the best!
Really satisfy with all cigars from your online shop.
After getting five boxes at Don Gabrief, I trust I will get more.
Beide Päckchen kamen in excellentem Zustand an.
Wie immer gab es keine Probleme.

Vielen dank für den guten Service.
Thank you for the excellent service. Will order again very soon. All the best, Paul
Hi there:

Thanks for the excellent cigars! I enjoyed the Don Gabriel special rolled cigars. The wrappers are dark, cigar is spicy and the the draw is excellent! Keep up the good work.
Will order more!
Nathan Nathaniel L
Just placed my second order! Hope it will be as good as the first one.
Also come and visit your beautiful shop soon for more purchase....thanks MJM Castelijns
Nice quick delivery as usual, nicely packaged all items received safely.
A pleasure to do business with you.

Thanks again
Your shipments arrived satisfactorily
box 10 Ramon Allones lusitanos- er Portugal 2010
box 10 Romeo y Jullieta No 2
Best regards Tempelaar
Just placed my 30th Order !!
I am sure that as always everything will be first class.

Best Wishes, H Murray
shipment just arrived in good shape, no hassles. looking forwrad to enjoying ordered product as well as trying out your house branded cigars. thanks Bill William P
Received my first installment today, am very pleased with the condition and quality. Look forward to a long friendship and continued communications. Richard
I received my delivery in excellent condition, duration from placing the order till tasting a perfect Partagas took only one week. Thank you!

BR, Timo
Received my Belicosos Finos and Wide Churchills this week and they look and smell superb - as usual.
Many thanks Reggie
once again my order was received promptly and in perfect condition.What can I say? the sevice is great!
Regards. Robert S
Another delivery from Don Gabriel, arrived in 10 Days.
10 Partagas D4 and a 5 super Belicosos that a a rather pleasant smoke.
Thanks, Stephen
Hi there: I just want to say thank you for the excellent services I had received from the team at Don Gabriel. I ordered a box of Wide Churchill in May 2011 and my cigars was lost in the mail. the team at Don Gabriel fixed my problem within the delivery period. My latest order Partagas D4 arrived within 14 days of delivery. thank you again! Nathaniel
Another fine delivery from DG part 1 of 2nd order has arrived without
any problems, 25 montechristo No.1s.
Soon I will need a humidor.
Thanks all at DG. Stephen
Just received part 2 off my second order, thank you.
Arrived in 4 days. Great delivery time and beautifully packed.
Now to see how the DG super belicosos smokes.
Thank again all at DG. Stephen
I emailed Order ID:DG691218 on Fri 24.06.11; the order was despatched Wed 29.06.11; and received by me (in unmarked brown wrapping paper inside which was a package of a sealed plastic bag enclosing gift-wrapped boxes) on Tues 05.07.11. Excellent cigars and service .
Many thanks. DW. David W.
Delivery ID:DG720067 received

Thank you MN
Today i recived my first order from Don Gabriel.
Thanks so much for the excellent cigars! Great service, fast delivery. This was my first
purchase from Don Gabriel, and I will now be a happy regular customer.

Best regards, MJM
My second order was as well as the first. Thank you Erwin E.
I received the cigars in exellent condition. Thank you. Dimitris
Thank you! Once again I received the cigars in exellent condition. Best regards, Pekka. Pekka
Many thanks for your very generous gift of DG Super Belicosos. My initial impression is that they compare very favourably with Montecristo No 2 and Partagas Serie P No2.
With my compliments.
AJF Arthur
thanting you don cabrel wear your excellent service the trinigads and the gouhibas ariged in guad tim as alfas imacallate eundition thank you for cefing an gold man very fant you mere ceping an old man very happy mith fuer cubans robert
You seems to be an expert in this field, excellent articles and keep up the good work, my buddy recommended me this. Cory
my dear don gabreil i recived my calonials nt the excellent order,and whode like to thank you for the first class service,and the luiisitanos,thanking you once again,for your expertis salute rjs hall rjs hall
both boxes of RyJ arrived safe and sound and are smoking well.

Will be ordering again for sure Tom W
Received 10 Don Gabriel Custom Rolled Cigars.
Excellent taste so will order MORE! The Baron
R y J Short Churchills arrived safe and sound... very pleased indeed. Tom W
Hi there! Thank you again for getting the cigar to my uncle on time for he 70 birthday. He loved the cigars and enjoyed it very much. Nathaniel
First box of my new order just arrived safe and sound here....
Thanks so much.
Tom W
Well box 3 of 3 turned up and is perfect as I have come to expect.

Once again bravo Don Gabriel Tom W
Just received the final installment of a multiple box order. Excellent packaging, cigars of excellent quality and in excellent condition. What more can I say! Thank you Don Gabriel. You set the standards in this business! Alex
2nd box has now arrived, great packaging as always and cigars were in superb condition.

Just placed 3 more orders :D Tom W
Just received my 2 boxes!Very nice packaging,glad to be on business with Don Gabriel again!
Pierre C.
First box of 3 received and I am very happy.

I have done business with other firms before and have never received the level of service which you have shown.

Thank you Tom W
Thanks to Don Gabriel and staff. Received all boxes in perfect condition . Looking forward to smoking Steve
Ordered two boxes and both arrived sooner than expected and in great condition ,,, as all my orders have!
I will continue to order and have passed the web site along to many of my cigar smoking buddies
Muto Obrigato! Gene C
Thank you for the excellent services and deliver! My uncle is impress with the packaging. Once again for the wonderful cigars! Loyal customer.

Nathan Nathan
I just received both my boxes!
Love the wrap, love the inside!!!
Thank you you are the best! A. Skoufidi
You certainly deserve a round of applause for your post and more specifically, your blog in general. Very high quality material
Dear Dr.Nogueira de Matos,obrigado and have a nice Easter.
Artistic parcel arrived 10 minutes ago.Thanks again. David
Thanks for many perfect deliveries. Even when local mail lost the package, the problems were solved with high standars. Good job ! Timo
dear DG and staff. rest of my order arrived in perfect condition. very tasty. Steve
Dear Don Gabriel,
898 wonderful,
My complements,
A. Arthur
Dear Don Gabriel
today i received my order in perfect condition

Regards Despina
Thanks to Don Gabriel and helpful staff. Received my Partagas today in perfect condition. Just smoked one. Very nice. Steve
No.2 arrived safely.
Many thanks.
Best regards,AJ Arthur
Shorts arrived in good order and timely.
best regards, Arthur
Received many items from DG and I have never had a problem. Very professional and items are of the absolute highest quality. Eric
Once again thank you for the wonderful cigars and on time delivery. Nathaniel
A encomenda chegou de facto muito mais ra¡pido do que eu estava a espera e em perfeitas condicoes. Bom trabalho. Cumprimentos, Pedro
First part of my order arrived safely yesterday. Fast delivery, indeed. Now waiting for Cohibas! Mauri
My first order (2 boxes) arrived in good order and in good time, thanks for such greatt service, will order again soon. Cheers. Dan.
Churchills arrived safely.
Many thanks and best regards,
Arthur Arthur
A encomenda foi recebida em perfeitas condições.
Cumprimentos M.Silva
The Lucitania docked safely and on time.
Best regards
Arthur. Arthur
Dear Don,
Serie D arrived in perfect order today,record time.
Best regards,
Arthur. Arthur
very good again D. Noble
Another beautiful order arrived today. I nominate Dr.Nogueira de Matos for President of Cuba if Raul Castro retires !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.Regards, D.R.Anderson.
Ordered in early Jan. Received 6 weeks later. They told me to be patient. Package was expertly wrapped and sealed. Very impressive. And the much anticipated cigars were excellent, and in excellent condition. Ric
Received second delivery in good form.
Look forward to outstanding parcels soon.
Many thanks,
Best regards,
Arthur Arthur
Received you much appreciated parcel, in fine condition.
Best regards
i receives the rest of my shorts today,gift wrapped and on time.thank you for the usual excellent service. rjs h
As usual the cigars arrived in perfect condition, great service and surprisingly short delivery time considering all the winter storm issues we have been experiencing!
Thanks, Muto obrogato Gene C
Thank you DG, Superb as always. All the best. :-) Darren B.
Have recived both delivery, I am ejoying great cigars .Thanks very much, for the great service.Also the great prices. S.H.
dear sir,recieved my juan lopez cigars,in good order and very well wrapped...thank you for an excellent service...robert h.
I have ordered cigars on line from various International sites over the last ten years, but Don Gabriel is the best by far! Excellent service, prices, packaging and Cuban Cigars of course. UNCOMPARABLE to any other seller and HIGHLY recommended! I will most certainly be a happy regular customer from now on. Ben V.
dear sir, i received my regios today,thanking you for an excellent service, robert h. Robert H
The Petit Edmundos just arrived, and they are great. Thank you! Steen B.
Excellent company and Dr.Gabriel Nogueira de Matos is a great man.My parcel arrived safely and immaculate again today and very artistic as usual. Best Regards, D.Anderson
Thank you for the wonderful cigars and speedy delivery! My friend had just received the cigars and loving it! Nathan
thanks very very beatiful smoke the cigars of don gabriel!!!!! G. Angelini
dear sir, thank u very much three days ago i recieved my partagas fleur cigars but still waiting for another box of 25 cigars wich u said u r going to send soon waiting for an answer .your cigars were in good condition and the wraping was very good too n. hamis
The second half of my order has arrived safely today. They look like very nice cigars ( your own brand esplendidos ).I very much look forward to trying them.
Best Wishes and Happy New Year,
Roy .C. Roy.C.
What a Happy Christmas! My first part order arrived Christmas Eve- the balance arrived today. All received in perfect condition. Thankyou once again for such great service. Happy New Year. Bob
Dear Don Gabriel,the second part of my order arrived today.just in time for New Year.The presentation team are to applauded for their artistic applombe. Thanks again and a Happy New Year to all of you. David
My first order from you,both boxes are perfect.Thank you, the cigars are excellent,good delivery. Best wishes for the new year. S.N.Tidey
Hello, Everything arrived in perfect order.
Thank you very much. Best wishes for 2011. DOGAN
I ordered a box of cohiba Genios and a box of Trinidad extra robustos,1st class delivery just before xmas.I havent looked at them yet as they are a xmas present, But will write a review xmas day, Many thanks DG for getting them here on time. julian d.
My box of H.Upmann petit coronas has arrived in perfect condition this morning.Thanks for the first rate service,and I think the gift wrapping was a very nice touch. I look forward to recieving the Churchills.
Once again the cigars arrived on time and in wonderful conditions. So glad that I find you online! The best cigar website ever!
Thank you again. Nathan
I started 3 years ago doing business with you, always good quality, more important you have improved your delivery service, now 10 days, W.N.
Very good service, very best cigars, perfect shipment en good are the best .avci
Hello there! Thank you for the speedy delivery and the cigars are in fantastic conditions. Keep up with the wonderful services! Nathaniel L.
with SALE 30% OFF you are the best one in Europe Amedeo
irecieved the romeo exhibition no 4,s in excellent order thank you once again for a faultless service r j s h
Die Ware ist im ausgezeichneten Zustand angekommen. Danke Wolfgang K
Your cigars arrived in exellent condition. I have found your own make of Cigars are an exellent smoke. S. Holmes
Just received my Cohiba BHK 56 and BHK 54 and they look and smell as per usual - superb!
Again a fantastic service. Reggie
As always a pleasure to deal with your great staff and enjoy your top quality cigars.
Thank you! Gary
Many thanks for your speedy delivery and excellent selection of a beautiful present. CW
Speedy delivery and excellent service on a few extra specifications. I definitely recommend.

Cheers, Lauri
Once again good service. Thank you, Gabriel !
Hello there!
I just returned from traveling and knew that there is a box waiting in the post office. The cigars were so well packed that they were in good shape after being in post for some time. No risk of getting dry or anything. Thanks again!

Best regards, PR
Everything arrived in perfect order.
Thank you very much Erwin
Once again, great cigars,great service = grateful customer.
Many thanks.
once again faultless service,recieved my royal coronas,and my panatelas,both gift wrapped,and quickly sent.thanking you once again r j s h
sampler of your cigars were great and the price for montecristo
number 4 is unbeatable.
Great Service many thanks
Both boxes arrived in perfect condition! Thanks!!

Looking forward for the next order...

Thanks again both boxes have arrived and the cigars are in
excellent condition as always, thanks again

Yours Paul
Service just as you described, trial of your own blend- the Robusto is actually better than I expected. Another order will follow shortly. Ian J
Just recieved the cigar! Very impressive with the package. I will be buying from you from now on!

Thank you!

hi, just to let you know i recieved both my deliveries ahead of time and in perfect condition thanks again for professional service and customer service from Luisa i had a problem with my card transaction for some reason but Luisa took time to solve the fault and fast my order which i appreciated very much many thanks, Allan
Cigars arivied safely, in exellent condition .Thanks everyone ,well done. S. Holmes
This was my first time to order from your website. Like everyone else I was amazed at the meticulous and discreet packaging. I smoked one right out of the box and it was fantastic. It is obvious that you properly store and care for the cigars.

You have me hooked!

Gracias y paz

Marcos - USA
Received yesterday my 2 boxes of Belicosos & Coloniales, I am still astonished how much you care about the packing. This is clearly your signature. And for us a real pleasure to open such a nice package ... Nicolas D.
yesterday i received your shipment and as usual the cigars
are in perfect condition, thanks again. paul uk
Received the second box from my order today. I can not say enough about the packaging, what a great job. Very satisfied with my first order, thank you once again.

Canada Mike
Entire order has arrived in excellent condition. Lawrence C.
Dear sir.
Everything arrived in perfect order. by the way packaging was so beautifull !!! :) Thank you very much will order again. Svetlana
Compañeros at DG!
Partly shipment arrived fine and dandy at doorstep. Awaiting the rest. Bueno trabajo!
Sal Sal, Helsinki
Dear Mr. Don,

I have just unpacked tha laetest order. They smell very good att my office. Looking forward to one of them this evning.
I should be great if you can have spec. deal for returning customers or perhaps a blind box with selectet samplers with 10 new.

Best Regards from Scandinavia / Mr. RP
Mr. RP
Great service dispached reived on the 13th,that is the fastest service ever. Thank you every one . Stan H
Great service dispached reived on the 13th,that is the fastest service ever. Thank you every one . Stan H
Gracias Senor Gabriel

Received in perfect order.

Thank you for such a superb service.

Best regards

thanks for cigars +++++
G. Angelini
Received the 3 boxes in perfect shape. Thanks for the great service. Rob - USA
Recebi a encomenda em excelentes condições, recomendo vivamente.
Viana do Castelo - Portugal A. Abreu
Good Morning,
I recieved my boxes intact and beautiful! Thanks so much for your attention to detail and such a fine product. You now have a dedicated customer. Very pleased indeed. Thanks! Eric
Received my cigars in perfect condition, and shall enjoy one later, and the sweets were nice touch! Thank you Don Gabriel 10 out of 10! Muchas gracias Regards
I already received my cigars and in good conditions. No pleasure can be better than a Cohiba Siglo I..... Thank you so much! Catherine B.
Register with great satisfaction the flavour of your precious cuban cigars. P Luís
I am able to afford only a few small cigars as an occasional luxury, my order was very modest, but DG treats me as if I am W Churchill. R J M
I just recieved my Bolivar Gigantes and Hoyo petit robustos. it took only 3 days. package was spot on, condition of cigars are 1st class, Many Thanks Don Gabriel, look foward to ordering many more cigars from you, from a loyal customer. julian d.
Received my order today, nicely packaged and in good condition. Excellent service as always, many thanks DG. R J
Once again excellent service from Don Gabriel, excellent cigars from Don Gabriel - Thank you Robert W.
Cigars arrived very quickly and in great condition. I will be ordering again.
Thank you Gary
Best price, good condition & attentive shipment!
i found the best and kindly retailer. thank you Mr. Don and staff. Y.F. - Japan
Siiting in my garden with a newly lit (just arrived) H de M 2007 LE and blessing your cotton socks! My order was timely and no fuss, my friends have all heard about Don Gabriel now! P. Wynn
cigars were of excellent quality. shipping time was as promised. thankyou DG A C
Thanks for the well packaged parcel! Fast delivery, very good service and friendly mail-contact. Next order is sure!
Best Regards Hannes M.
I received my cigars today. They are in excellent condition. Very nice, thank you very much.
Regards, Tom A.
I`ve been using online cigarshops for ten years and now I have found THE place with good service. Delivery is fast, cigars are in good condition and selection is good. I will stay using Don Gabriel from now on. Just received my third delivery and enjoyed an exellent Montecristo. Thank you for good service! My recommendations! Best regards to all friends of good cigars!
My order is complete,thank you very much S.Holmes
just recieved my cigars 6days after ordered what a service excellent gift wrapped as well excellent cigars as always keep up the good work well done. Andy
Thanks for the nice packaged parcel, arrived really fast! Service and delivery are excellent! Next order will come soon!
Best regards! H. M.
Thanks again Don Gabriel.My items arrived today and in good condition.Have a nice holiday in August.
received order, all in excellent condition , no problems, will order from you again soon chris
Dear Mr. Don,
today i have received your shipment and Present, thank you very much, the Cigars are in excellent conditions.
thanks again for the nice gift wrapper and for the additional freshness foil. best regards, alex
The delivery took a bit longer than anticipated, but everything arrived beautifully packed. The cigars are of the highest quality. Will do business again. Thanks very much!

very best, B.S.
thanks for the cigars okkkkkk++++
g. G. Angelini
Highly recommended.
Both boxes arrived in perfect condition and very quickly. Beautiful packing very easy to do business with. B Jenkins
dear sir
i received my shipment very fast and in excellent condition
many thanks r.crozier
Cigars received on 4th June safe and sound. Excellent service and cigars of course
Thank you
Ray W. Ray
Dear Mr Gabriel,
I have received my order from you today. As always the packaging is beautifully done.
Thank you for your prompt efficient service.
Kindest regards, Mr Wallace
I received 4 days ago the 4 boxes. Thanks for the all pack. I will order again soon.

best regards, Diogo
What a joy! 4 boxes Joyitas received quickly and sooooo beautifully wrapped!! Great service... thank you. Henden UK
Dear Mr Don,

I received my Lusitianas in very good conditions and perfect quality!
Thank you very much for your services
Michel D., Paris DAUDET
Dear Mr Don,

My cigars arrived in perfect conditions!
Thank you for this excellent service
Michel D., France DAUDET
Order arrived today. As always, outstanding service!
Thank you.
M. Dean
I got my Ramon Allones special selected today in 7 days time in exelent contition thank you very much. Virgilios Greece
Dear Don Gabriel,once again thank you for an excellent service,I recieved my cigars yesterdaywelL packaged as usual,I tried a laguito,what a triumph of the art,a wonderful smoke spicy and carmelly,and considering its size,it lasted 40 mins,of bliss. Iwill be ordering these again
My Compliments Robert H.
Fast and safe i recived my Cigars.
Thanks again! Mats
I have received the sigari, thanks and I compliment for the professionality G. Zanchi
my cigars have just arrived in perfect condition so at the moment a partagas super, with a 12year old single malt whiskey in garden. thanks this is the best service i have ,you supreme of companies. thank you,thank you my you go on for decades vaya con dios s holmes
My first purchase and I got cigars as promised after 5-6 days. The Partagas P2 look in excellent condition and smell fab & I will try them later in the week.
This looks the start of of a longer relations with Don Gabriel. Reggie - UK
The cigars arrived as fast as it was promised and in excellent condition. I would surely recommend Don Gabriel to friends and colleagues. Thrasos
Recived my Cigars, great service quickly delivering enjoyed one during the weekend
looking over a landscape covered by snow. H Erik
Recieved my cigars in good order as usual this morning,tried a divino,what a big taste for a small cigar,trully delightful,i,ll let them rest for a while,they and the shorts will be on my order again

Thanks again for a great service,
Robert H. Robert H
Received my cigars today.
Will enjoy the first one after dinner.

Best regards Mats
Great service, perfect. Thanks you gualtiero z.
just recieved my monte edmundos petit and Don Gabriel robustos. Package well. excellent condition. Many thanks julian
Thank you, once more I´m glad I with my shopping with you.
J. Américo
Los H.Upmann llegaron en buen estado y en un buen plazo. Servicio excelente. b. bergas
All arrived 2 days ago in perfect working order - now I just need to wait until lent is over before mixing myself a sazerac and smoking a cigar Sam G
Both my orders arrived qickly and very well packed t. landi
Hello Don Gabriel,
once again a faultless delivery,well wrapped,the breva which i tried immedately,had a good start and a powerful finish,just how an old man likes them,
Grasias R.J.S. robert

Cigars arrived the other day, perfectly packaged as I expected. I am going this weekend to taste some of them.

I must thank you for the excellent customer service in your responding to all mail from me - great!

I will recommend your products to all my friends. Warm greetings from the North!

Mr. R
recived my cigars ,punch churchills five days ago have ordered again today great sevice and value for money your happy customer s holmes
Thanks fore excellent cigars - The cigars arrived fit and well! O. Werner
Dear DG

I recieved the parcel today, fast delivery

Thanks Peter
My box of Partagas Senior Coronas arrived today beautifully wrapped, all seals intact just as they left the factory in Cuba. Smoked one and very happy with my choice. Have used DG before and will continue. Thanks. Ben U
don gabrial recived my cigars this morning ,fast delivery will be buying magnificent service. thank you and all the best stan h -u.k
Placed 2 order within couple of days and everything i had some questions that i emailed and respond within 24 hours. Fast delivery and i can recommened them 100% Already placed another order. Ben
Highly recommended.
I received both boxes ordered in perfect condition. Order took 5 working days to ship. And then 5 working days from shipment until my door. Alex
Hoje é Uspia com Romeo Y Julieta Edición Limitada!!! 2007!

Gracias J.Cerdeira
A Encomenda foi recebida em excelentes condições... Hoje há festa com a Edición Limitada de 2007 Romeo y Julieta.

Muito obrigado

J. Chagas
Recibidas en buen estado y en plazo prudente las dos cajas de partagas. Buen servicio. Biel
just recieved my R&J short churchills and Hoyo petit robustos, they are in perfect condition and arrived within 7 working days, i would have no hestiation in recommending Don Gabriel,
Many Thanks from a very satisfied customer.

England julian
Dear Sir,
I recieved the cigars today,a quick shipment they are i perfect condition,as they were very wll wrapped.thy are now in my humidor, tonight i,ll try a robusto,going by the aroma i,ll enjoy it.
thanks again robert r js hall
Received today the staff in good order, as usual.

Tres grand merci, laurentiu m, romania

Wow! Great service, great company, cigars got here on time, in perfect condition. Highly recommend it! Fabicigar - Canada
Dear all ,
All was in good quality and condition.
No delays at all. Capt.G. Trovas
Dear Sir,
first part of shipment arrived in perfect condition, as usual.
Yours sincerely, T. Mueller
Muito bom dia, Acabei de receber a minha encomenda em perfeitas condições e a qualidade dos charutos parecem-me as óptimas. Hoje vou provar então um Trinidad e amanhã trato dos Churchill.
Parabéns pelo Serviço. J. Chagas
Após a data de encomenda a caixa de Partagas Serie P Nº 2 chegou-me às mãos em perfeito estado e muito bem embalada.
Cumprimentos, R Fino - Aveiro
A Encomenda chegou em perfeitas condições.
Depois da degustação faço chegar a minha opinião.

J. Chagas
Perfect cigars, excellently wrapped and delivered promptly. Would recommend Don Gabriel to cigar lovers everywhere. Jeremy
Hi. Cigars recieved safely today. looking forward to lighting up. Great service and will be ordering again very soon. Richard M.
Hallo, der 1. Teil der Lieferung ist in einem ausgezeichneten Zustand angekommen. Abwicklung, Lieferung und Ware OK. Gerne wieder! LG aus Österrech Wolfgang
Ein Teil der 1. Bestellung ist binnen weniger Tage in gutem Zustand angekommen. Bin positiv überrascht und kann Don Gabriel nur weiterempfehlen. LG aus Österreich Wolfgang
Dear Sir,
I am a customer for five years now and I thank You for Your impeccable service. If I may adsd a little suggestion, I would like to see cabinets on offer. Also if possible Saint Luis Rey double coronas and churchills (cabinet 50)

warm regards
Thomas M
Aside from the delay because of the christmas break, the cigars came in perfect condition, and they are great! Ari K.
received the cigars in perfect condition. Thanks a lot! Chris
Thank you for the cigars and the beautiful christmas wrapper.
The price is of course unbeatable
May I suggest a packing that retains more moisture
Best regards,
Alex - Bucharest
El pedido llegó en buenas condiciones y plazo aceptable.
Saludos. Biel (Mallorca)
El pedido llegó en perfectas condiciones y en un plazo aceptable. Saludos de Biel (Mallorca) biel bergas mas
Cigars arrived today in excellent condition. thanks to the next and Happy new Year. Marco Italy
Exellent service Gareth
Well worth it. Exellent service Gareth
shipment excellently wrapped and in excellent condition thank you.As always great service. Happy New Year. Mr Chris Martin
Cigars arrived perfect order
Thanks I Taylor
Recibí mi pedido en estupendas condiciones aunque se demoró "algo", pero bueno, pensemos en que y los disfruto..

Saludos. F.J. Lopez
received shipment excellently wrapped and in excellent condition thankyou for making my christmas.Will be back for some more! m. buttrick
Dieses mal ist die Lieferung sehr schnell angekommen.
Die Zigarren sind in A1 Zustand.
Vielen Dank an das DG-Team. S.D. Zollikon, Switzerland
Final portion of my 3 box order arrived today in the US.
All 3 arrived in perfect shape and even the last delivery was within 7 days
Great, I will be back for more!
Gene C Gene C
Splendid gift wrapping. Splendid protection.
Thanks Tony Landi
I received the package today in excellent condition.
R. T- Greece
Vielen Dank an das Team , meine Bestellung ist in einwandfreiem Zustand eingetroffen . Nächste Bestellung ist auch schon raus . Muchas Gracias V. Braun
Cigars arrived in perfect order and within the times stated. Looking forward very much indeed to dealing with the company again!!!! Mark Parr
Dear Sir,
I had no time for taking pictures and all of the box, but you can take my word for it: I just received yesterday the R&J in very good condition indeed, and the service is exquisite.

Muchas Gracias, Laurentiu M -Romania Laurentiu M
This time I got the cigars very fast!As usual very nice package!All the best to whole team! T.Ismail
perfect package, good quality cigars in good condition, thanks! M. Thomka Hungary
Thank you once again for the excellent cigars, the fast delivery, the perfect package!
Aspa.Sk. Greece

Thanks for the fast delivery. The sigars are the best.

sincerly yours, Dogan M. from belgium
Hi Don Gabriel
Packaged received in perfect condition and within your stated delivery standards. Cigars are a beautifull smoke. Look forward to being a happy regular customer.
Best wishes Martyn G
I just received my box of great cigars, arrived fast and in good shape! This was my first "test" purchase and the second order will follow shortly
Muto Obrigado
Gene Gene C
Hej! My order arrived today,very fast shipping. 25 Bolivar Royal Coronas, i am looking forward to smoke one, for shure i am going to order again, thank you Don Gabriel. Magnus Sweden
I am writing to let you know that I am very impressed with your package of the H.Upmann Mag46. The wrapping is so elaborate, and beautiful. Everything is perfect. Your service is impeccable.
Thank you, TH, Canada
2 packages just received.
Contents beautifully presented and in top condition.
At last shipping/delivery is back to the previous excellent 5 to 10 days.
Congratulations on overcoming the obstacles. JMC-Henden-UK
Cigars of order DG347504 have been received in good conditions . Thank you for your excellent service. Rene
Today I have received my cigars in perfect conditions, in five working days. Thank you very much.
Best regards. Sergio S. - Italy
hi and a big big thank you for the cigars which arrived today, all cigars safe and the wrapping was just perfect will def be using you again and recommending yourselfs to friends, thank you once again for a great service at a realitic price.

best regards from the good ole UK.
R.Nairn. rick
dear sir,
Parcel arrived ubdamaged and within stated timescale. Well packaged and the cigars are in perefect condition. Thank you and I willcertainly recommend you to my cigar loving friends. MARTYN SCOTLAND
Thank you very much for the delivery.Very beautiful pack,profesional job you did.Cuaba Divinos in excelent condition.From now on consider me one of your friends!
All the best to all the team!
T.Ismail,Romania T.Ismail-Romania
Das Päckchen kam in einem sehr guten Zusatnd an.
Die aufwändige Verpackung verhindert den Tabakgeruch nach aussen. K. Becker
Hello again

My packs of Bolivars arrived safely this week, in very good order. Thank you once again for an excellent product & a superb service.

Regards Phil
Just received the cigars, thank you. Nicely gift wrapped. M. Ward
I was worried about the Postal system but it is the British Royal Mail which has problems now with strikes.The gift wrapping was very nice and the contents secure and in good condition. Thanks again, David,Scotland
I recived my order last week in perfect condition and it was packed so well that today I ordered five more boxes of cubans that should see me out till christmas,
thank you DG,
jonathan s. jonathan smith
Thanks. After 10 days of waiting I received the shipment in perfect condition. JS
The order arrived as promissed. Great Quality and service.
This was my first, but not the last order.
You won a new frequent customer.

Yours, Henrik H.
Cigars received 10 days after my order!!!

Nice packaging,very efficient service definetely the best cigars merchant in Europe!

Keep on doing good business

My cigars arrived today in perfect condition. Fantastic packaging. You guys do great work. L. Tannenbaum
Dear Sir
My latest order arrived looking fit and well, I look forward to trying one of the robustos this evening.

Best wishes from the UK Roots
recieved my romeo belicosos today fantastic awsome taste and smell. perfect condition this is my first package from the company and every went as planned and will certainly return
I received my cigars Today. There are in perfect condition. I immediately open the parcel and smoked one. Heaven Montecristo petit edmundo. Due to backorder i had to wait some extra time for these it was well worth the wait. A. Vanbrackle
Got my cigars in perfect order, nice parcel and cigars were great. Being it my first purchase I feel you have another faithful customer.

Keep it up, C.M Di Cicco
The parcel arrived a couple of days ago, beautifully packaged as usual. Great service. So glad we found you! Antonio P


Order placed 22 July - Delivered 30 July..........

Cigars in good condition..... well packed.

THAT IS GREAT SERVICE!!!!!!!!!!! Waterhouse, UK
Dear Sir: This shipment arrived today. The package and the merchandise are in excellent condition. Thank-you for you for the fine service. I look forward to the next shipment of Montecristos 2 and 4. Thanks. Anthony M.
DG991693 arrived today 29 July. The order was placed on 15 June so there was an unusual delay. However, DonGabriel kept me advised and the cigars are in good condition. Henden
Sir Winston are at home. In excellent condition. Thanks. E. Antoine
Received my cigars in good conditions.
Fast delivery...5 days,Don Gabriel is definetely THE Number 1!!! Pierre
Recieved my Cigars, in excellent condition. d stend
My romeo & juliet arrived today in perfect condition. Looking forward ordering again GEORGE S.
The box was a little crushed from travelling with other parcels, but the cigars were perfect! I have used three different companies to buy my Habanos, but now I just have one: Don Gabriel!

Thank you, Cary
Recieved my Cigars yesterday, in excellent condition. Good to see things are back to the normal very good service. Regards, A. Pacey - Cigar Delivery
Received the shipment in good order and excellent condition D.Olson
Buenas tardes Don Gabriel, The Allones arrived at this so far the hottest day this Finnish summer. Had of course to pick one of the load immediately; really nice from the first draw on. Will probably get even better with some maturing. Hah! Nice touch with the wrapping in Winnie the Pooh -gift paper. Hilarous! Have to get back to you soon about a sample of them DG:s, and you do have a bunch of other nice offers too. So far, nice summer & good business to you!
Just received my order of Partagas Serie P Nº2. Great shape and condition. They are in my humidor for now and I will light one up this weekend. I CAN"T WAIT!!!

Compliments, Gregg G
Dear Gabriel,
recieved the cigars in excellent condition,have had a cigar dinner,where my guest were most impressed with the cigars ,lunch was good as well. Thankyou again,look forward to my next shippment. Regards Andy
I received the cigars in good condition.
Thanks Fredrik

Just after 9 days off my order, I received my cigars in fine shape. Exelent service and fast delivery. Many thanks people off DG.

Mr. Kimmo H.
Dear Mr.Gabriel
RyJ I received in excellent condition!Thank you once again the whole team! A.Pokorn
RyJ cornitas arrived today in perfect condition. Thanks. Looking forward to receiving my DG Coronas! Mike M.
Its great I got my order its in great shape and its wonderfull.
Thanks its great
Im happy!

I received my cigars in perfect condition within 15 business days of placing my order. It was my first purchase from DG, and it will definately be the first of many many more to come. Thanks for the excellent service and prompt reply to my email. Keep it up guys. FLO
many thanks, my order arrived this morning
and the cigars were in perfect condition
a huge big thank you for all your efforts. David D.
Dear Sirs
My last order arrived on time and as advertised. Your customer service representative, Steffen Lippert was quick to respond to my email on my second order as well and I feel very comfortable using your services.
Keep up the good work! Steve E
Dear Don Gabriel group
I would like to thank you for your helpful and efficient service.
I received one of the two parcels last week and I am looking forward for my second parcel.
I am very pleased with care taken to ensure the cigars reached me in good condition.
I tasted my Montechristo Petiti Edmundo and they are perfect.

Thank you, George
I ordered on Sep. 2008 cigars over 1.007.- euro but only one parcel received. i have to become 5 boxes more. on my inquiries i got no answer. that is deception. Roman Brandstetter
I would like to Thank you for staying in touch with me throughout this first order! The Cigars look GREAT, i am waiting on my 2 other boxes which should be here today! I give you all 5 STARS. The answering of phones needs alittle work, but i am very pleased with how you all kept me up to date through email!

Thank you! you will see another order VERY soon.

-Take care Brandon A.
Arrived 10 mins ago opened them and as usual in wonderful condition many t. hanks again Paul
ho ricevuto la merce in perfette condizioni
Recibido el pedido de la caja de Petit robosto de Hoyo de Monterrey. Todo muy bien. Gracias. biel b.
Box of R&J exhibicion no 3 arrived in good condition today. michael v.
Liebes DG Team,
danke für die zuverlässige Lieferung.
Super Support via email-danke Steffen.
Lieferung dauert etwas,aber gut Ding will weile haben!!&als Zigarrenraucher sollte man auch etwas Ruhe und Zeit haben :)
Wie der name schon sagt:
THE online source for Cuban cigars.
Dear Gabriel,

I just wanted to pass on that my order arrived last Wednesday (12/17) in excellent condition. Thank you very much.

Best Regards, John F.
Recieved my Partagas seies D no 4. Excellent product and service .
Thank you S. Meghji
Hello Steffen,
This message is actually several weeks late. (Sorry) I received my two Christmas presents in perfect condition with excellent packaging. This was also my first purchase from DG. The service was excellent. Brian M.
Rec'd my order shippped Nov. 5. Vitolas
He recibido mis Ramon Allones en perfectas condiciones. El aroma es muy bueno.Los dejare reposar en mi humidor dos o tres semanas antes de probarlos.
Saludos. Lordi Osvaldo Ruben
just got my box, cheers guys, looking to order the next soon Savvas
Dear Don Gabriel,

I received my order today in perfect condition and wish to thank you for your perfect service.
Your sincerely

Just got my box of Trinidad Coloniales and am thrilled! Excellent condishion and an 06 date stamp on the box. Going to leave them in my Manning humidor for the week and by Friday enjoy one with a Martini. Cheers Helen.
received my Don Gabriel torpedoes. A truly outstanding cigar. Superb construction, taste, draw, and scent at an outstanding price. I am completely sold and will order many more of the Don Gabriel brand. My compliments, Chris S
Got my cigars the other day, good delivery time.
Cigars were wrapped brilliantly and looked like a gift, which was perect as they were a gift.
Cant wait to order more for myself and enjoy them.

Cheers lads,

finally received my order. took a little time, but received in great condition. love the paper and bow. thanx L.
Excellent packaging. Shipment as announced. Just a small, rather obvious, footnote : most cigars are very young. Not necessarily for the buy & smoke customer.

Many thanks from a new, and most likely soon-to-be regular, client. Highly recommended. Laurent
cheers great cigars del boy
Received my cigars yesterday, took a little longer than advertised, but they have arrived in excellent condition. I owe a big apology to steffen in customer service, who was helpful and polite to me despite the fact that i pestered the life out of him. All in all, a satisfied customer, i will be ordering loads more very soon.
Many thanks. Matt. E. -England MATTHEW EDWARDES
many thanks i got my order in verygood condition joel france
Order arrived safely today, beautifully packaged as usual, and a speedy delivery to ireland,thanks again don gabriel! W. Clegg
Envio recibido en excelentes condiciones ,como siempre.
Saludos cordiales. J.C. Alvariño
Received my Trinidad Double Rubusto's today. They look amazing, can't wait to light one up. But will let them settle for a bit. Won't be long till my next order is placed. Edwin Medina
A encomenda foi recebida em boas condições. Charutos optimos, com um aroma fantástico. Qualidade 100%. Faustino
I received the parcel today. The cigars were in good condition.

Thank You L.Lindqvist
Thanks so much for the excellent Partagas serie D. cigars!
The cigars arrived fit and well. Kettunen Hannu
I received my 2 orders
0ne was made on september 22
the second on october 10
On october 27 I received the both parcel in the same time
Swissport had problems to delivery the first parcel
But Many thanks to the custumer service of DON GABRIEL who give an answer immediately
Dear Mr. Don

Yesterday I received your shipment.
Thank you very much.
The Cigars are in excellent condition.
Looking forward to order again

Lovely Jubbley

Thanks The Happy Chappie
Dear Mr.Dom,

I just received the shipment, great packed & delivery. Cigars in perfect condition, I will buy again

Regards Manuel-Madrid-Spain
Thanks Mr. Don. I just received your cigars in perfect condition. I shall make a new order in a near future.

Yours, J. kärkkäinen - Finland
Cigars arrived today and as with the other boxes SUPERB
condition many thanks again. Paul
The cigars have arrived in good condition earlier this week. Thanks for the little extra !

Regards, G
Hi Guys,

My order just arrived a few minutes ago and is in perfect condition. Shrink wrapping the 25 DG Esplendidos and leaving out the wooden box was a very good idea as the parcel was lightweight. The cigars are all now safely in my humidor. The R&J Churchills, The DG Robusto and the box of Montecristo mini's were all perfect as well. Maybe the additional tinfoil wrapping helped with the safe transit of the package to my door although it did take two weeks for the order to get to me here in Ireland (which is no problem at all now that the order is safe in my hands). Thank you Don Gabriel - chalk up another success story.

Regards, E. Mooney - Dublin - Ireland
Dear sir
i received my cigars i had order from you and i must say i was surpized. Good shape perfect order and condition, even i was a little worry cause i was waiting some days more.But it was my first order. I have to say to you , that you just win over a new customer from Greece
Leventogiannis V - Athens Greece
Hi i,ve received my order in doog shape. I was bit worried at first cause it took some time to arrive. I believe Finish custums clearance isn´t familiar whit EU´s new customs charges. Still you got a happy fellow here in north waiting for the next time to make an order!

With Best Regards, Teppo J
Magnificos cigarros,enviados en excelentes condiciones y a un fenomenal precio.Seguiremos en contacto.
Saludos J.C. Alvariño
Die Zusendung meiner Bestellung dauerte nur 6 Werkstage.
Es funktioniert prima, die Ware ist in einwandfreiem Zustand.
Danke, wir sind sehr zufrieden. milan G.
10 days for delivery… Amazing package! I bought a selection of 30 pieces. Smoked one robusto, looks and tastes like a very good cigar. others will spend time in my humidor before I smoke another (a belicoso super, I guess…). I'll definitly buy cigars here and nowhere else! I'm waiting for a great offer on Ramon Allones especially selected ;-) J. Colin
Fast and wonderfully packed delivery as usual!

Thanks a bunch!
Anders, Sweden Anders
Cigar received in good conditions like usually. Fabien
Caro Gabriel Matos

Informo que a minha encomenda chegou e estava em optimas condições de acondicionamento.
Bom serviço e sem reclamações.

Cumprimentos, Nuno P. - Portugal Nuno P.
Delighted to receive my first order in England, how beautifully packaged, and very good condition. Thank you so much Antonio G B
I have got my cigars today, the delivery was not very fast but anyway the cigars are in perfect conditions.

Best regards Jacques Chiaverini
I just got my cigars. Well packed, almost over the top... ;-) Shipping was a bit slow, but that might just a one off. Prices are excellent!

The Don Gabriel Sublimes was one of the best looking cigars I've seen. Just hope it tastes as good as it looks.

I will be coming back for more... Mikael B. - Sweden
cigars arrived 15/09/08, cigars are great, moral of story, order early not when your down to the last few . Andrew Brown
I was very impatient to receive my cigars. I'm sure I drove the people at DG crazy with my persitent inquiries, but since it was my first time buying cigars over the Internet I was preoccupied, and even doubted about the seriousness of the company. Today I received my cigars. The cigars arrived in perfect condition, gift wrapped, and in different parcels. Excellent product, excellent customer service, excellent prices! I hope the people at DG accept my apologies for having been so intense, and rest assured that in the future I will be more relaxed. Thanks! J. P. FERNANDEZ
always arrive in great condition david noble
Meine Bestellung ist in einwandfreiem Zustand angekommen. Sogar im versprochenem Zeitrahmen. Haben mit Freunden das erstenmal Eure Don Gabriel-Zigarren versucht und alle waren begeistert.
Danke und bis zu nächster baldiger Bestellung.
Grüsse Milan milan
I am not usually extremely positive about internet retailers but Don gabriel ticks all the boxes. I have copied text from another review as it is an accurate summary:
"There is just no point in buying cigars from anyone else! The prices are excellent, the cigars fantastic - and the service is exceptional!!! "
Delivery was on 8th day from shipping advice, but this is the slow UK.
Adminstration, packing, shipping logistics and communication all EXCELLENT! What a great quality business. AND no need to hunt for DF sales in future - I am now going to place a further order. Sorry if this looks a bit of a fix - it is not!! DG are that good! Henden, UK
The shipment arrived to day, everything whas excellent. Fast shipment well packaged, and the cigars loocks and smells fantastic. I'll be back for more.

Esbjörn - Sweden Esbjörn
i receive my order today. the ferst box it is very good. thank you very much. aki grecce
There is just no point in buying cigars from anyone else! The prices are excellent, the cigars fantastic - and the service is exceptional!!! I always feel like it is my birthday when my cigars arrive. Thank you Don Gabriel
Terry, UK Terry - UK
I received my Cohiba's today in excellent condition. Thanks for the great service! Tony F
Thanks, everything was perfect. Bernd Zierold
Wederom de bestelling perfect in huis gekregen. Ipv een Punch Churchill een RyJ Churchill ontvangen. Géén probleem. Heb hier nu een aantal keren besteld en iedere keer in perfecte staat ontvangen

The Netherlands Consiglieri

Iesterday i've received your shipment after 6 working days.
Very good service.
Tank you very much.

Andrea T. - Italy Andrea T. Italy
Thanks, order has arrived Magnus , Sweden
Thanks, order has arrived in good condition J S
I would like to thank you for your fast and efficient service.
Not just this time, but every time.


Giorgos S. Athens GREECE
Dear Sir,

I received my shipment in a perfect condition. I knew when to except my shipment referring to out conversation by the chat-service (great service).You got again a new regular customer. Thank you.

BR, Mikko from Finland
Cigars arrived on time and in perfect condition.Another order will soon be on its way!Many thanks! England
Many Thanks,
Received Box Siglo 1's. All good here if a little late but shipping delays are a fact of life. Smoked a couple yesterday. Very nice.
Would recommend. John C.
Dear Don,

my box of 25 Bolivar Royal Coronas came today. Thank you for the free DG Belicosos I will try it out tonight.

Once again many thanks, B. King - Warwickshire U.K.
Acabei de receber a última encomenda, que vinha em perfeitas condições. Cumps, A. Santos Silva - Portugal
Well, despite the meanderings of Tropical Storm Fay, which dropped about 25 inches of water on us, my shipment from you made it through in good order. Looking forward to the enjoyment of a fine cigar. Thx Bill P. Bill P
Excellent service and communication. Cigars arrived in perfect condition! Antti
Cigars arrived in good condition, had a super bellicoso last night, excellent smoke and unbelievable value for money.
David H. Northern Ireland David
Arrived promptly, discreetly and in great order.
Many Thanks Nicholas M. Greece
Arrived in good order,good customer service, takes a bit long to get them, but I will definitely order more from you.

Rene Holland Rene
Bin wirklich angenehm überrascht und fühle mich verpflichtet Ihnen meine Anerkennung auszusprechen. Das einzige was zu verbessern wäre, ist einerseits die Verfolgung über die AWB-Nr. und anderseits die zu lange Zustelldauer. Trotzdem danke, die nächsten Bestellungen folgen.

Grüsse aus Luxemburg M.G. M. Gorge
The order arrived in perfect conditions, congratulations for the service, you have a new costumer

All the best, Carlos
Cigars arrived in perfect condition
regards DD
Dear Sirs,

As expected after reading the other testimonials, the cigars I had ordered arrived in perfect condition - and very quickly! This was my first order but definatley not the last! I'm looking forward to a long and tasty business relationship!

Yours, Simon - Finland
The cigars just received in perfect condition,thank you very much G Papas
The Don Gabriel Super Belicosos and Robustos arrived in perfect condition. I have tried both cigars, they are beautifully constructed, a pleasure to smoke - worthy of their fine heritage. B. Gossard
The Cigars arrived in a perfect condition, I shall certainly be buying from Don Gabriel again,again,again.
Regards T. Clark
Cigars has been received in very good condition Joseph
Both boxes of Robustos eagerly waited for have arrived.
Thank you Gordon Rogers
I received the cigars ordered and they are in the same good condition as usual. Claus F. - Germany
Yet another nice delivery. Cigars in excellent condition and nicely packaged. This was the second time I ordered from you, so next time it is a "habit" ;) Have spread the word about you ! Anders S. - Sweden
Hello from not an expert with computers so i didnt realize thant i can thankyou personaly by this site. I SINCERELY MUST SAY THNKYOU ! X. Pamela - Greece
Dear Don Gabriel,

This is the second time I am bying from You. And I have picked up two packages nicely from my local post office. So the quality and service from You has been perfect. Best Regards, R. Panu - Finland
My cigars arrived nicely packages and very fresh. I will be a long term costomer. A. Vanbrackle - USA
Excellent service. Highly recommended. Good customer support. C. Gillard - United Kingdom
Thank you DG) No problems what so ever. Nicely wrapped as gift. Like christmas. My first choise for cubans from now. A. M. Olsen - Norway
My cigars arrived today - on time as promsed and well packed. All in excellent condition. I'll be back. Oliver H
Bien reçu les cigares, bien emballé. Boite discrète. Prix trés intéressants. Trés content, malgré le délai (11jours ouvrés) un peu long. Je commanderai de nouveau. Jean-Paul S - France
A great service at an affordable price.
Overall, a great pleasure! Thank you from Athens, A. Zafiropoulos - Greece
Received my first order today. Brilliant packaging and delivery services, cigars are in excellent conditions, thanks for the DG Robusto free sampler. I will surely purchase more from this great company...
Goran, Timisoara, Romania
Always a pleasure. Best regards, Z. Dambek - Poland
Thank you so much for sending me out another box of hoyo de monterray after the first box was taken by Irish customs. Don Gabriel is the most honest cigar company on the web and for sure ill be back again,thanks a million, j. smith - ireland
Thanks for all the customer care help when my package was delayed, cigars have all arrived now in excellent condition, beautifully packaged. Thanks again for your service. Mark O. - Ireland
Dear Don Gabriel,
I never have buy a box of cuban cigars that cheap!!
And they are absolutely originals,till next time!!! M.vdLek. - Netherlands
I just have receive my package and cigar are ok. Best Regards. J. - Portugal
This is such a good company to deal with. Excellent value, terrific communication, great cigars and no shipping charge. One of the best values on the web. Thanks. Steve in Australia
I have received my order and I am very satisfied. Excellent service as before. Thanks for the extras. Kind regards.
C O'Neill
today my order arrived and everything looks fine Henke Sweden
Fumandome un esplendido puro Don Gabriel Robusto, les felicito por su rapido envio ,que he recibido con total .Confio en seguir contando con sus servicios.
Atentamente. J. Alvariño - España
I got my DG Esplenditos, and I found that is a quality cigar, well made with a smooth draw,and also at a very good price. Thanks and all the best, C. Mimikopoulos - Greece
Cigars arrive always in perfect condition.
Claude L., Luxembourg
Superbly packaged and competitively priced. I'd recommend Don Gabriel to cigar aficionados anywhere.

Cheers, Ryan - England
Received the cigars in prime condition & beautifully wrapped. I'm 100% satisfied!

Cheers, Jaakko S. - Finland
thanks very much don, my cigars arrived to day all in excellent condition, parcel was excellently well wrapped. also thanks for your two don gabriel gift cigars as well. i will place an order again with your company for sure. good luck from ireland = DAN
Acabei de receber a minha encomenda de robustos, que chegou no prazo previsto e em perfeito estado.
E os charutos são bons, como sempre.
A. Santos Silva
I Recieved my shipment in perfect conditions.
Thank you very much for the two extra don gabriel cigars.

Regards :) D. Perez Fabado
Received the cigars in good order - Many thanks! M Yap, - Wales
very fast and professional.
cigars very good
thank's Matteo
Hi, just a word of thanks, I received my cigars and am now relaxing with my feet up, outstanding quality, and thanks again for your consideration in this matter. Matt C. Ireland
Once again the order arrived exemplary packaged and nicely wrapped.

The package was slightly delayed due to an item not stocked at the time of placing the order. One quick email later and the issue was resolved and I got a replacement brand.

Could not be more pleased with the ordering, handling and delivery. One wish would be to see if a certain cigar is in stock or not.

This is my cuban cigar shop of choice from now on. CJ Åkerberg
The second parcel has been received today by Postal Express. Regards, J.R. Sanromà - España
I received my cigars in top condition on Friday. Thank you so much for your help and your kind service. I will certainly frequent your store again, and I have already recommended you to others. All the best. D. Boettcher - USA
Cigars and packaging looks great. I will let the selection of 18 cigars rest in my humidor for several days before I try any of them. J.Barnhart
I received my first shipment form you today. The parcel was in excellent condition, all layers of packaging including the appropriate seals were intact and in good order. The contents all appear to be in good shape as well. I look forward to enjoying them and doing further buisness with you.

My compliments, Bill P
today i receive my second box from my last order. everythink was in exellent condition. that was my 4oth order and i will continue to be a customer.
tnk you very much, C. Dimitriou
I received my Hoya Epicure No 1 package. These just for my taste! Mauri V
My shipment arrived in excellent condition.

Thank you, J. Reddy
I received my package today and boy was I excited to find out what awaited me. I couldn't be more pleased with my purchase! Thank you so much for your tremendous service! SS8
My cigars arrived today in perfect condition. I smoked one immediately and it was outrageous !
Thank you Don Gabriel ! Thomas H. - NJ - USA
My order arrived today. The cigars are in perfect condition. I really recommend this shop.

Best regards, Thorsten M - Germany
I received my ordered box of Montecristos today. The Cigars are in perfect condition.

There were no problems during my order. I really recommend this shop.

Best regards, Thorsten M. - Germany Thorsten M.
Dear sir

My order arrived today in perfect condition and on time.
Looking forward to trying some of your other fine products.

Best regards
Giorgos S. Greece
My cigars arrived. All in perfect order.
Thank you very much
Regards, Peter E
Hi, I have received my cigars Ramon Allones as requested this morning. Colour of wrapper is delicious.
Cigars are beautyful and in perfect condition. To next order, bye Vinicio Gregori - Italy
Hello, Thank you for the arrival of my cigar. They are in good condition and amazing. I diffenitely going to have a good bussiness with your company. Hopefully you will have some limited edition too.

Thanks again. S Lamier - Chicago - USA
My cigars arrived in great condition. Thank you for the gift and the packaging is great.
Im sorry i forgot to take a picture.But its really a great packaging.
Absolutely amazing. Steven Louis B. Lamier
I received my first order yesterday, a box of DG Belicosos. I tried one and I have to admit that it has way above average quality/price ratio. I will definitely be a returning customer. K. Anagnostopoulos
Ordered 2 boxes of BBF's for the first time 15 april. One of the boxes were shipped and delivered in less than 7 days, but the second one were held by spanish customs for unclear reasons. But after DG "raising his mighty voice" to the spanish authorities, the second box arrived just two days later !! You can often tell the quality of a firm by its customer service dep. And in this case they were excellent and very service minded. Many thanks Steffen L!! Oh, and the cigars were fine too ;)

Will spread the word about you! Anders S. Sweden
It took some time to get them but my cigars are finally here.
The box I ordered disapeared on the way but Don Gabriel
replaced it without any extra cost.
I´m very pleased.

I have had some recent shipments stopped and inspected by NZ Customs.

In the case of a different supplier I have had to pay very high duty and tax to have the cigars delivered. But in the case of Don Gabriel they have simply been delivered after inspection. I can only assume this is because the way you pack.

This is why I am choosing Don Gabriel to supply my cigars.

Thank you for your great service and packaging. R. Alexander - NZ
I never imagined that it would be so effortless to receive my presents.
Will pass on your details to other Cigar Afficianados.
Thanks. Bob French - UK
cohiba robusto arrivert in 5 days is pervect .you are the don
A. Celebi

Cohiba Panetelas arrived perfectly, some confusion with the local post office caused some delay , but they arrived perfectly fresh and ready to smoke. Enjoyed a nice smoke on the way home and will definately order again soon.

Mitch B. Houston, Texas - USA
Cigars arrived in excellent condition. John Doe
Wow is all I have to say about that I doubted the DG robustos when I recieved them bout Wow, I can truly compare this to a Bolivar Royal Corona. Shipping was just as described. The cigar is beautiful sweet cocca vanilla and floral notes. Excellent Don Gabriel I will truly be doing buisness with you guys much much more, and please do not raise your prices they are PERFECT. Thanks for the extra 2 cigars as well. JT USA
EXCELLENT!! Christmas box for me and a few singles for trial reasons I had ordered. Just like you said it would be. Thanks Dennis
I have just placed my third order with Don Gabriel as I have found the quality, price and shipping arrangements to be absolutely first class and far superior to my previous supplier.
Thanks again
Stephen Mitchell
Delivery within 7 days as promised, prime condition and superbly packaged. An excellent product with excellent service - I will definitely be using Don Gabriel again. Thank you. John W- UK
Order arrived today,many thanks Noel Dalziel
Picked today from P.O. Everything O.K.
Thanks for 2 cigars
Kind Regards

Kyriakos , Greece Kyriakos P.
Thanks for the speedy service my cigars arrived today!
Peter Peter Reinholdsson
Order complete, very good service.
Thanks John Scott
Dear Mr Don,
My first order with you, arrived within the week, thank you very

much and they are in excellent condition thanks again from Wales Paul G
Thank you for your service, package has arrived and cigars are exquisite. I will place future orders. Well done.
Thank you. S. Rogers - Delaware - USA
Even though my first order of Don Gabriel Cigars arrived in good time the anticipation was almost tangible but ultimately worth it. The incredible value does not take away from the sheer quality of the products and Dons own brand Cigars are to be reckoned with. No more long and expensive treks to the Cigar Emporium for me anymore, i'm quite happy right here...

Karl X Byrne. Dublin, Ireland.
Don Gabriel,

I recieved my order last week and everything looks good. I am looking foward to sampling a few.

Thank you,
Jason Jason
Hi Don Gabriel

I have received my latest order - all in perfect condition.

Thank you very much.

Kind regards
Iona LS Germany Iona Germany

Dear Mr. Don

Yesterday I received your shipment.
Thank you very much.
The Cigars are in excellent condition.
Looking forward to order again

George S. - Greece
George S. - Greece
Quero agradecer a vossa eficiência e a vossa oferta.
Acabo de receber a encomenda e os charutos chegaram em perfeitas condições.
Espero continuar vosso cliente.

Melhores cumprimentos,
C. Rocha, Ponta Delgada C. Rocha
Encomenda recebida em boas condições e no prazo de 1 semana.
Julio - Portugal Julio - Portugal

You are the man!
4 days and I have the package in my hand!
Thanks for the free sample. I think it is one of your DG Robusto / Edmundo size? Not bad, not bad at all!
Well made, nice draw, drops ash after 3 sent.
All cigars arrived in good condition, you have done your homework in quality control, I can see that.
I will order from you in the future, that is for sure.

Plenty thanks,

Kai "KURT " Sainio Kai Sainio, Finland
Thanks once again for excellent service and fast delivery!! Also want to thank you for the cigars you did send me as a gift!! Anders
i have bought on two occasions over the past few months from the don gabriel people and i have been very pleased and impressed with the transaction process, the speediness of the delivery, the perfect condition the cigars were in when i received them and, of course, the smoking itself. I have bought boxes of both Romeo Y Julieta No.1's and No.3's as I like to vary it a bit. I also purchased a Montecristo No.4.

I have dealt with other online cigar merchants and although they were satisfactory, I feel it is the small details and touches which sets the don gabriel operation apart.

All in all, a pleasurable experience and i expect to continue buying from them.
G. Hargadon - Ireland
The cigars arrived in excellent shape. Smoked one. Superb! Thank´s a lot. Timothy de Rosen
Dear Don, my order has now arrived in prime condition. Thanks for the Don Gabriel "free-bees" that you sent.

Kind Regards Roberto Roberto bertoli
Have used twice and very impressed with a top class service and quick delivery to the UK. Keep up the good work. Jamie

Thanks a lot! The missing cigars arrived! I'm very pleased! Have a nice evening, until the next order!

Best regards, T. - Germany
Thanks a lot! I really like your DG Cuban Style Cigars! Pretty nice blend! E.T.
Recebemos a encomenda em boas condições.

Melhores Cumprimentos, M. Ferreira - Açores - Portugal
Somente para confirmar a recepção, em excelentes condições, da encomenda.
Cumprimentos A. - Portugal
I am a many times repeat customer with very good experinces.
PS : Thank you for the free sampels the last ones where very good Peter Reinholdsson, Sweden
Good Condition, secure delivery, everything okay. Will order again. Happy Feet
Thank you very much for the quality of service and your top products. This is my second purchase and certainly not my last. Folks: this is a true gentleman offering a combination of cigars and great service.

Thumbs up.

Envio recevido.
Puros en bueno stado.
Muchas Gracias

A. - Italia

I received the shippeing confirmation AND THE CIGARS !!!!

thanks !

best regards

Anselmini - France
Dear Mr Gabriel,

I received allready all cigars and everthing is okay.

Best Regards M.Konrad Germany
Received my order today all in good shape.
Thank You, Best, D. Safe Utah USA
Hello Don Gabriel,

the shipment was perfect! It took some time this time but the order was complete and the product was perfect! Thanks. I am sure I`ll place a new order soon.

Best Wishes. Traussnig Mario
Just to advise that cigars arrived in Dublin in perfect nick today - many thanks for the additional Don Gabriel samples !!
I can assure you all will be enjoyed !!
I received my second order yesterday morning. Everything excellent. Congratulations. Ioannis Papadopoulos
Acabei de receber a encomenda, que vinha em bom estado.

A. Santos Silva Agostinho Santos Silva
Thanks for shipment, recieved in time as always!

Everybody makes mistakes, and my last shipment was very niced wrapped as always, with an additional cigar that corrected the mistake last shipment. Very nice!

The cigars are always in excellent condition.

Olle Lindkvist, Sweden Olle Lindkvist
Yesterday I've received your shipment, cigars are in excellent conditions and the delivery was quite fast.
Best regards from Italy A. Rossi
Bom dia.
Recebi ontem a encomenda em bom estado.
Antero - Portugal
Just received my Partagas and Ramon Alones. Just in Time. Thanks !
Très heureux du service Don Gabriel. BRAVO ! MAX Fabien
Todo perfecto envio rapido y en muy buenas condiciones, gracias por su atención, vendedor recomendado, saludos T.Rodrigo Tomas Rodrigo
Todo perfecto rapido y en muy buenas condiciones,
muchas gracias por todo maravilloso hacer compras con ustedes.
Un saludo. T.Rodrigo
Delivered as promised within 10 days, exemplary wrapped and packaged. Will definitely shop here again...

Thanks again
/ CJ CJ Åkerberg

Today I received my first order to The Netherlands completely tax free and in good shape! All items were nicely rapped into gift paper a treat!

Hi DG,

I received my big order and I'm satisfied with cigars !

Thanks Andre Andre Ghiasvand
Recibido pedido ok.
A. Enriquez Salgado
My package arrived today right on time. Thank you. It's perfect! :) Many Thanks. Andy
Thank you Don Gabriel! your service is 100% and your cigars is 100% again thankyou for a pleasent experiance for the past few mths and for the years to come

paula ,, ireland . paula mc gillian
i have been dealing with this company now for a few mths and i must say i am totaly pleased with there service and i do not have to serach the internet for cigar sites as i have found the one for me there prices are great and so is the delivery thankyou ,,,, paula mc gillian
I have received all five boxes of cigars in good
condition. Thank you. Regards, Lawrence Christy - Italia
Thanks so much.
I recieved my first order in exellent shape.
I am 100% satisfied and I will from now on be a regular customer. Bjorn, Sweden
Thank you Don Gabriel! my cigars arrived safe and sound! as always the cigars are beautiful and in perfect condition! in all the years i have done business with your company i have never had one problem! as a matter of fact your company Don Gabriel Cigars has always gone above and beyond for me. And for that i say Thank you!!!
Warmest regards..Nick Valadez.- U.S.A. Nick R. Valadez
Must first order and certainly not my last! Excellent quality ,condition and packaging. Thanks so much for an excellent experience DanH USA
Gentile Don Gabriel,
è un vero piacere acquistare sigari garantiti da professionisti così esperti, seri e competenti. Sono vostro cliente dal 2006 e mi sento in dovere di raccomandare il vostro servizio per la convenienza e la correttezza delle transazioni. Complimenti.
Vostro Enzo G. Italy Vincenzo Girlando
Ich habe gestern meine erste Lieferung bekommen.

Mit der Qualität der Zigarren bin ich sehr zufrieden. Auch die Lieferzeit war angenehm kurz.

Ich werde noch viele weitere Bestellungen bei Ihnen aufgeben.

Best regards

Michael Michael B.
Dear Gabriel,
I have just received the box of esplendidos....Very very fast delivery !!!! The cigars are in perfect condition....Excellent service....Thank You....
C. Dellisanti - Italy Cosimo DELLISANTI
Caro Amigo,
Informo que a encomenda chegou em perfeitas condições como é habitual na Don Gabriel.
Votos de um Bom 2008. Carlos Texeira - Aveiro
Everything perfect!
I received my 3 boxes and the cigars are in an excellent shape!
In future I´ll always purchase at Don Gabriel!
Best price and short delivery!
Best regards!

S.Thomas S.Thomas
For anyone who is reading this, and wondering if they should take a chance with Don Gabriel. Let me tell you , there is no chance involved! Don Gabriel is one of the best! you wont go wrong when dealing with this outfit. they are profesional, friendly, trustworthy, polite and fast! i have made many transactions with Don Gabriel over the years and NEVER had a problem! the cigars are beautiful and Don Gabriel is a true gentleman! Thank you Don Gabriel!
your friend in the U.S.A. Nick R. Valadez Nick R. Valadez
Just recieved my box Por Larangarras ! Fast shipping, perfect sevice ! Thank You !!!!!!!! Michael
Have tried the Don Gabriel Esplendidos for the first time and am delighted with the smoke.
Many thanks for your prompt delivery and the cigar case with my last order.

Kind regards,

Andrew andrew garty
Received the fist box of Fonsecas from this shop. Cigars are perfect condition. Many thanks for that nice present (leather cigars case) you included!

I really recommend this shop.

best regards. Christian R. - Austria Christian
Excellent service and nicely packaged. Many thanks for the gift. looking forward to my second shipment and many more in future.
Regards marcus bishop
Hi just got my second box of Montecristo No 3 and also a gift a leather twopack to carry cigars in when im out.
Caro Gabriel
Já recebi dessa encomenda 3 caixa das 4 previstas
Abraço, J.Roberto Fernandes - Portugal
Recebemos a encomenda nesta data em boas condições.

BOAS FESTAS Luis Ferreira - Portugal
Hi! i have received the first two boxes, cuaba and fonseca, i hope to receive soon also sancho panza! Thank you for the gift, best wishes for a good Christmas! Andrea - Italia
Dear Don Gabriel,

Received all 4 boxes thankyou very much also for the beautiful cigar case thanks ever so much !
W. R. Moore - UK
Hello All At Don Gabriel.

My cigars arrived today. Beautifully wrapped. Straight into my humidor.

About to light one now. Very happy.

Many thanks. I'll be back.
Bryan Orwell - England
Dear Gabriel,

I have just received my cigars,they are very good looking as always!

Thank you very much for the cigarcase.

Best regards, Pierre C. - France

Cigars received today;excellent service.I'll come back again !

Thank you.

Best wishes from France .

Well I wanted to give it a try, so I did !
Nice suprise, a little long for delivery but it is because the customs have opened it ! All they found was a gift paper wrapped present that they did not dare to open and I have my cigares, perfect, well conditioned.

Great Work people you got my business !


François François G., - France
Dear Sirs,
I received the first part of my order (1 box Montecristo Edmundo) which was in excellent condition.
I am waiting the other part of the order (2 single Montecristo A and 2 single Cohiba Genios Maduro 5).

Thanking you in advance,
Nikos Zabras nikos zabras
Dear Mr.Gabriel Recebi hoje a encomenda fiquei espantado com a qualidade do serviço,rapidez e excelência do conteudo! Agradeço tambem a original e 'utilissima oferta. Ganhou mais um membro para o seu club e ja passei palavra a varios amigos. Os meus melhores cumprimentos e desejos de um Bom Natal Nuno L. Estoril -Portugal Nuno Edgar L-
The last order only took 7 days to arrive! Thanks for the early Christmas present, that will come in very handy for my Ramon Allones Small Club Coronas.

Although the cigars were in excellent condition can I suggest you use double wall cardboard boxes for your small orders like you did for my larger order, international post is rather unforgiving. Tony - Australia
Received my order, excellent service great cigars in top class condition, will definatley be back for more thank you Richard Whitehurst
Once again, quick delivery, superb quality cigars to top up my humidor. Many thanks for the free gift Don Gabriel!
Will purchase again in future

Robert Vince Robert Vince
Recebi a encomenda 4ª feira em perfeitas condições, alias como é habitual, juntamente com o presente.
Muito obrigado
Até uma proxima oportunidade.
Ernesto Alvarez
Ernesto Alvarez Fernandez
I ordered some singles and received them in fine fashion! Warmest regards from the USA! Steven Ivan Johnson
This shop just gets better and better. I don't know what I would do if it shuts down!!! Just got the most amazing cigars and they arrived before I even started to worry about where they were...Will be ordering again soon.
Thanks for the ultra cool Xmas present -
Seasons greetings to the Don and his little elves! Chris Smith
Gabriel, I forgot to let you know that the R&J Exibicion #4's you sold me from 05 were exceptional. Thank you very much!

Jason - USA
I received my two orders quickly and all were OK! Isidoros Patsavoudis
I would like to thank you for your fast and efficient service.
Not just this time, but every time.


Chris Chris Martin
Few days ago receive my 3th order one pack of Partagas Serie D No 4, the second pack of 25 cigars. I believe that is the most flavor cigar. Thank you for the gift. All orders was perfect but this pack was opened from yours, tear -crack- the label "Republica De Cuba" for quality inspection I am sure. Today I order one pack of 50 cigars Partagas Shorts. THOMAS SDRAKAS
First time I have used Don Gabriel and I have found them to be fast and efficient. andrew garty
The quality of Don Gabriel's service is excellent. Cigars are always in perfect condition. Thier service is just fantastic. I will certainly continue to order from. Shokat Nawaz
It was my first order and today I received the Cigars perfectly boxed and in excellent condition. Now I hope
the taste so delicious as they smell :-))

Best regards
M. Fritz
It was my first order and today I received the Cigars perfectly boxed and in excellent condition. Now I hope
the taste so delicious as they smell :-))

Best regards
Michael Michael Fritz
Dear Don Gabriel Cigars

I've received my order today, once again, fantastic fast delivery and cigars in perfect condition! I also would to thank you for the gift,

Carlo Carlo
Bom serviço e rapidez na encomenda que fiz.
Jose Americo Beja Silva
Mais uma vez recebi a encomenda em condições impecaveis, pronta para ofertar.
Muito obrigado.
Até à proxima
Ernesto Alvarez Ernesto Alvarez Fernandez
Just recieved my first box.

Everythings is fine. Thanks for the quick service.

Mr Andre Ghiasvand

Andre Ghiasvand
I have now dealt with Don Gabriel twice and i am very happy with the service,delivery and packaging. The price is simply unbeatable! I will be purchasing more fine cigars from the best supplier in the world.
I hope to become a valued customer
Many thanks Don G
Robert Vince Robert Vince
I JUST RECEIVE IT, THANK YOY. dimitris krinakis

Just recieved my first box.

Excellent packaging came gift wrapped with a bow, a wonderful personal touch. Also it was a secure signed for parcel, so you know that it just will not get lost.

Excellent cigars - looking forward to my first one.

I am well impressed - I have used five different supplies before but none of these have offered such excellent service, packaging and product.

Forget the rest this is the best!

I am recomemding them to my mates and will order only with from them.

Many thanks - You have made my day. Mr Tristan Hanlon
I just wanted to say thanks. I got the MC2 in. They are excellent. I appreciate how you take care of the ICC members. I would like to order 4 more boxes of the Bolivar RC from 06. I also was wondering if you do sample packs. I am new to this market and wanted to be able to sample some different things before I comminted to boxes. If you do have some sample packs or could make something up please let me know as well as the price. Also, if you could let me know the price of the 4 boxes of BRC's I would appreciate it. Thanks again and I look forwad to doing lots of business together.
Just picked up my second order from the post office last night,
Order six different brands, two of each.
And it was still cheaper then going to my local smoke shop.
Cigars were packaged well, and shipped promptly!
Can’t wait to try all the different brands, I have actually ordered
Two of every brand you carry, can’t wait tell my next delivery!!!!!
mark- U.S.A.
Cigars were delivered in a timely manner,
and in great shape!
Nice packaging and the best price on the internet!
I’m so happy with your product that my second order just arrived and expecting my third in a week or two!
THANK YOU!!!!!!! mark - Ca. - U.S.A
ive received my box today and yes they are good protected

thanks Osman
Estimado senor Matos,

Recibi el paquete hoy. Estoy muy satisfecho. Enseguida voy probar unu de los cigarros.
Gracias por todo.


D. Petronia - Netherlands
Recevied my Romeo y Julieta Petit Julieta on Saturday. Excellent presentation and good delivery right on the 5th day. I have put 50 of these cigars in my humidor and tasted them on Saturday eveing. These were smaller than I was expecting but what a Cigar. They light very easily and have a nice taste to them I enjoyed them so much I had 6 of them on my fight evening with them.

I will be ordering more soon. Alan Drylie
Ware ist gut angekommen. Das war nicht der letzte Einkauf.
Danke an das ganze Team
Gruß Bernd G. Bernd Gotthold
Received order today...Outstanding! The presentation is top notch. Not to mention the smell and look of the BBF's is fantastic! Thank you kindly and I look forward to doing this again real soon. Cheers.
-Jas Jason Sanders
I just wanted to tell you I received my order today.The ciars are of exceptional quality and the prices are unbeatable.I will order from you again in the future. Daniel Lebach
Ware ist gut angekommen.
Das war nicht mein letzter Einkauf. Bernd G.

Order received today

Thank you very much for a great service


Wayne - UK
Just received the partagas today in excellent conditons. Many thanks. Very good service ! But I will apprecied to have one don gabriel cigar ! (to taste) MAX Fabien
i just receive my order
and all looks fine
thank you very much

best regards from Greece
C.Dimitriou - Greece
The cigars arrived yesterday in excellent condition
Thank you! PANTELIS T. Greece
I received the beautiful cigars today! Thank you so


M. Bazalgette - USA
Everything arrived today! Many thanks. Go some serious smoking to do as my humidors are now totally full!. Please save some Por Larranagas and Cohiba Secretos for my next order! Many thanks ! On holiday from tomorrow!
Chris - UK
Dear DG,

Got my order today; 1 week delivery time.
Everything OK.
Thanks for the present.
Best wishes - Tomaž from Slovenia Tomaž
Once again, fantastic fast delivery and cigars in perfect condition! I also would to thank you for the gift, they tasted very good!
Anders in Sweden Anders Ek
Thankyou Don Gabriel for my R et J Churchills. They seem to be in good order. I have smoked one and it tasted fine. I have now placed a further order. I was a little dissapointed that I was not sent any samplers of your Don Gabriels, so to avoid further dissapointment I have also ordered a box of DG Robustos. However, really good service up to now! Shokat Nawaz
Todo correcto y en buenas condiciones.
Muchas gracias Antonio Trujillo Garcia
Your service is excellent! Honor to Don Gabriel! i guess the gift is DG robustos.You got yourselves a new customer.
Thank you Dimitris Dimitrakopoulos
My order arrived yesterday, and the cigars are magnificent!. Thank you also for the gift cigars. I will definately order from you again. Thank You, Mark - USA
As always you surpass my expectations, all cigars were in 1st class condition and thanks for the present.

Thanks and look forward to ordering again

Andy andy - scotland
the punch petit coronation have arrived so i am just waiting for the romeo julietta en cedro.
i would like to thankyou for the 2 free don gabriel robustos and also appolagise for keep pestering you with my questions. you have proven to be a great source for all my smoking needs and i hope to
become a valued customer .
many thanks,
Neil - UK
Dear Sir,
I receive the second box today today !! all perfect !!
With regards, Mr. N. Ntalachanis - Greece
Dear Sirs,
I am writing to advise you that my cigars arrived this morning. The consignment also contained a couple of additional cigars to replace a couple from my previous order. Thank you very much, and I look forward to enjoying them.
P. Ripton - UK
Dear Sir,
I have just received delivery of the Epicure No2's-many thanks !
Best Regards

Peter B, - UK
Quick delivery, all in pristine condition. Thank you Gabriel! Mikko Eriksson
Got my cigars in well condition including a Present.
Cigars are excellent.

Your service is top, i think you have a new customer .

best regards from Salzburg
Hannes Hannes, Salzburg Austria
Received cigars in excellent condition after 8 days to Ireland. Will get back in contact once I have the chance to savour them.

Kind Regards,

Mark O - Ireland Mark O
the cigars arrived yesterdy. Everythings is fine. Thanks for the quick service. You sent additionally 2 other cigars. What are these?
Best Regards, Carsten W. - Germany
I have now received the full order and am happy with my lot thank you! Pat W. - UK
Dear Sir
Thank you for your prompt reply,I am sorry I had received that e-mail but never read it, too busy, thank you again for everything, excellent service.
Best Regards, B.Jamour - Monacco
Any sales or discounts on a box of Partagas Lusitania? By the way, I enjoyed the 2 boxes of Series D No. 4 that you sent me last September immensely. Tony O. - USA
Hey Gabriel,
I got the pack containing the Monte 2's and the Partagas sd4 and the dongabriel robustos, all seem great, i cant wait to try the dongabriel line! BR, Mikko Eriksson - FINLAND
Dear Gabriel

I have received my cigars, very nice as always, thanks for the 2 robusto DG!

Best regards,

Pierre Cohen - Nice,France
Encomenda recebida rápida e em perfeitas condições!
Os meus agradecimentos a uma grande equipa com uma atenção impecável ao cliente.
PS. O anexo tambem foi muito apreciado. Paulo Antonio Duarte Vieira
Die Ware ist am Freitag angekommen. Alles bestens. Danke für das Present.
MfG. E. Eduard E.
recived the second present today, both in exellent condition

Regards DD- uk
Wieder alles bestens .Vielen Dank für das extra Present. Gerhard B.
Both of my packages have now arrived safely. Thank you for the usual efficient service. A. Smith - UK
This is to advise you that I received the shipment in excellent condition.
J. H. Reddy - USA
thank you very much as always,
recieved my first box of the order today @ the post office
the ramon allones no notice today, i am in egar anticipation of the rest .
thanks, j.derloshon - CA - USA
I received my order yesterday. It was in perfect condition. Thankyou.
Today I sampled your product. It was a delight.
It excelled my expectations.
R.L.Spragg - UK
Yesterday i received my order.

The cigars - a box of Don Gabriel Coronas - arrived fit and well, look great can't wait to light one up.
Will be in touch soon for my next order.

Best regards, T. Sdrakas - Athens - Greece
The last box (St. Louis Rey) arrived today in good
condition. Thank you for the excellent service.
L. Christy - Roma - Italia
We have received the cigars.
Thank you. H.Björkman - MONACO

My order was received today. All in due order.Very good service! Dimitris C. - Athens GREECE
I recieved my order on Friday, I was a little concerened when I made my first order but there was no need. The shipment arrived safely and securely. The cigars are great, thankyou I will be using you a lot in the future and to anyone doughtful about using the internet, don't be this is an extremely professional and swift supplier.

Thanks again, until next time. P. Whittle
Just wanted to drop a line to say that I received my order today. I like to let a vendor I’ve used for the first time know that everything went fine J (I assumed it would or else Larry wouldn’t have you as an advertiser at ICC) I think you guys did a very nice job of packaging, I only had one little bit of wrapper flaking off near the foot of one of the Edmundos, which is pretty impressive for 24 singles travelling across the Atlantic. Anyway, thanks again! Tim - USA
Habe schon 2 mal bestellt hat alles bestens geklappt Ware ist ausgezeichnet nur weiterzuempfehlen. Beste Grüße aus Deutschland Gerhard Berner
Exmo Sr

Último volume chegou na quarta-feira. Tudo impecável.
As minhas desculpas pelo atraso da informação, mas estive fora da Madeira.

Cordiais saudações Pedro B. - Madeira
Dear Don Gabriel,
My Cigars arrived today and they are in perfect order. The smell, look and condition are beyond reproach. I have already made my selections for my next purchase and your delivery service was fast and efficient. You have a loyal customer for life!!!!!!

I wish for You and your company all that is good.

- Santa Clara, Calif. A. Owens
Hi cigars arrived safely.Thanks for the two complimentary don gabriel robustos. Kind regards, Nicholas - UK
Dear friends,

The Royal Coronas arrived today and they are PERFECT.
(they even had some “bloom” on them)

You have my heart felt thanks and eternal loyalty to your shop.

Sincerely, Kevin - USA
Many Thanks Cigars arrived this morning,and in excellent condition,bw chris a. - UK
thank you for your excellent service order received today in good condition further orders will follow I will recommend you to my friends
regards William lawrie - UK
Estimados Sres :

Acuso recibo de la 1ª caja de esplendidos , de los cuales ya estoy saboreando uno, es estupendo .

Gracias por el detalle de los dos robustos

Un saludo
Felipe P. - España
I am deeply impressed! Did my order 6/6 and had my cigars in the hands by 8/6 in Sweden! Superb cigars in very good condition, this was my first order but definatelly not the last!
Yours faithfully, Anders in Sweden Anders Ek
Dear sir

I've received my first order today in perfect conditions.
I'll be ordering again very soon.

Best Regards

Thomas S. - Athens - Greece THOMAS SDRAKAS
Excellent cigars, well packaged, quick delivery and great value. Cant wait to order some more. Mark S Cardiff, Wales

thank you very much. My cigars arrived in perfect condition as always!

Fantastic service and products as ever.

Russell L. Russell L. - USA
Once again the service has been impeccable and the Trinidad cigars are wonderful.
Thank you. Mr Samoon Meghji
recieved the two pack of robustos. excellent smoke before breakfast, after breakfast, before lunch, after lunch, before dinner, after dinner. an overall good smoke. thank you for your fast service Clinton Howard

I received my order.
Thank you very much!
The cigar boxes were packed very good!

BR, Jarkko Häkkinen - Finland
Acabo de receber a encomenda, e devo dizer que não esperava e excelente qualidade de empacotamento destes Robustos D.Gabriel.
Obrigado pelo serviço impecavel.
Até à proxima.
Ernesto Alvarez Ernesto Alvarez Fernandez
Dear Sir,
The cigars arrived yesterday in very good condition and I am very pleased with them.I shall be ordering some more soon.
Yours, A. Russell - UK
Boa tarde Gabriel,

A encomenda já chegou e vinha tudo em ordem.

C. Alves - PT
Package arrived! I had to track it down at the post office. It was sent by !!!, so I had to sign for it this time, and they didnt leave a note at the house.
They look fantastic!
B. Gates - USA
Dear DG,
Order safely received.
Many thanks,

A. Maxwell - UK
Dear Sir,
The cigars arrived yesterday in very good condition and I am very pleased with them.I shall be ordering some more soon. Yours, A. Russell - UK
Dear Gabriel,
This order was received today in good condition.
Thank you,

Michael - USA
The Cigars arrived in excellent shape....... loved the "presentation" ... F. Jaime - USA
received today......many thanks for your excellent service. I will be buying again from you soon Paul H. - UK
Hi Gabriel,
I recieved my cigars today. Thank you they look great! S. Saxe - USA
package arrived in great condition thank you!!
Thanks and have a nice day!!
Joe Arc - USA
Bom dia,
Os charutos chegaram em perfeitas condições.
Cumprimentos, A. Teixeira - Portugal
The firs package of salomones has arrived. They do look and smell wonderful. I will let you know when the others get here as well.
Chris - USA
Beautifull cigars in excellent condition arrived quickly and very well packed. I'll definatley be ordering again. Rob
Dear Don Gabriel,

I just wanted to thank you for your excellent customer service. I just recieved my box of Montecristos today.
Sincerely, Gavin M. - NY - USA
Cigars arrived, quickly and in excellent condition! This was my first purchase, and defintely not my last!!! Robert -USA
Cigars arrived, quickly and in excellent condition! This was my first purchase, and defintely not my last!!! Robert -USA
perfect order great cigars . just what i expected.i will be ordering more soon.
thank you for being the real thing . very rare these days.
Regards Bill Bill Ziagos
Dear Gabriel,
I just wanted to let you know that the PSD4's arrived today. They are absolutely beautiful! Thank you for your good service and good selection.
Best regards, Michael - USA
Sure enough, it was. Great packaging by the way and I am looking forward to enjoying the cigars.

Thank you very much for your great communications! Thomas - TX - USA
i would just like to say a very fast and prompt service and the cigars were fresher and better than my own local tobaconists well done aston a uk
Les informo que he recibido el pedido hoy.

Muchas gracias por el la rapidez con la que se ha efectuado éste.

Sin otro particular, J. Agruña - España
My order arrived safely today, and in very good time again. Thank you very much. Angus L.S. - United Kingdom

I received the order. The cigars was very good condition and packed very good. Thank You very much.

BR, Jarkko - Finland
Got my box of Partagas D4s on Monday.
It took 7 days or so, I blame the Irish postal service.
Great looking cigars, very well packaged, no customs problems.
Thank you very much. I will use this site again.
Andy R.
Dublin, Ireland Andrew Ryan
Hi there,

Part 2 (the remaining 4 boxes) of our order all has arrived and been delivered to us this week. In the usual perfect condition and with the terrific service we have come to know from Don Garbriel Cigars. We will be (of course!) placing our next order sometime soon. Thanks very much, sending best regards from New Zealand. Cheers! J. Simpson
Hi Gabriel,

today I've got the second box of the RASS (picked up in the post office). The first one came on monday. I'm very pleased with the cigars and even more with your great service. So pleased I had to order one of the Bolivar Belicosos Finos Cabs.

Best Regards Michael - Germany
Caro Senhor,

A encomenda chegou em perfeitas condicoes aqui na Australia na sexta-feira passada. Sao de excelente qualidade, e ja fumei um este fim de semana. Muito obrigado!

M. Alves - Camberra -Australia
You have provided me with an excellent service. You live up to your claims and I am extremely pleased. I have recommended you to several others. J J P Caslake
Dear Don Gabriel
The order arrived.
All perfect.
Thank You,

Francesco P. - Italy
Dear Gabriel,
My cigars have just caught up with me from the UK, as before, they have arrived in good time in excellent condition; outstanding service! l
I look forward to doing business with you again in the near future. best regards, David - UK
First order, very impressed.
Ordered late Sunday night and were delivered to the UK on the Friday.
Extremley well packed, first of many orders to come.
Would recommend you to anyone.
Many Thanks. Jonathan T. - UK
Just writing to inform you that my cigars arrived as advertised. Nice touch on the wrapping ! I look forward to doing business with you again.

S.M. Marshall - USA
I have just received my cigars... very nice,
delivery was really fast at this time!
Best regards

P. Cohen - Nice - France
The above order was received in good condition several days after order - many thanks for the good service. P. Stewart - UK
Turned up in 7 days in perfect condition. These cigars (Don Gabriel Robustos) are exceptional value for money - an excellent smoke after a meal or with some fine wine or whisky. The only problem is that at this price I find myself smoking one a day which is driving my wife mad!! N. Barnard - London - UK
Fantastic products and abosuletly wonderful service. Thank you. samoon meghji
A encomenda chegou, como é abitual, em perfeita condições. excelente coloraçao e aroma e sem ropturas. perfeito.
obrigado mais uma vez Don Gabriel. João Hallewell
My order arrived today in perfect condition. Fast, efficient service - and no customs charges! Will definately shop again with Don Gabriel. Thank you very much.

Best wishes,
Aimee T. - UK
Dear Gabriel,

The order has arrived two days ago, thank you for your service and attention.

Best regards,
Darius - Lithuania
Dr. Gabriel Matos
Acabei de receber a encomenda que agradeço, informando que, como habitualmente chegaram em bom estado.
Um abraço,
Paulo J. C. Fernandes - Lisboa - Portugal
The cigars were of excellent quality texture and taste. I thoroughly enjoyed my first order and have today ordered again with you. My experience of ordering from you was without doubt one of the most pleasant experiences I have had on line. My order arrived within a week, was nicely packed and in excellent condition. Thank you!
Shaun - UK
Caro Gabriel

Confirmo a recepção da minha encomenda em perfeitas condições, hoje pelas 9h30.

obrigado, continuação de bom trabalho

cumprimentos, J. Ribeiro - Portugal
Dear Don Gabriel,

Just to let you know that my cigars arrived safely today - many thanks

Mrs Frances K. Mrs Frances K. - UK
Acabei de receber os puros, vinham muito bem acondicionados. Agora só me falta experimentá-los.
JPF João Paulo Ferreira
If you take the service, shipping and, first and foremost, the OUTSTANDING quality of the cigars into account, Don Gabriel is impossible to beat as far as I am aware: Orders are processed within hours (1 - 2 days, I guess this is how long it takes to check the cigars with the sort of volume DG is handling) after payment is received and the quality of the cigars you get is as good as the quality you get when you go to the best habano specialists in person; or maybe it's even slightly better because you have a professionnal choose your cigars for you from a huge selection rather than you choosing them yourself from a selection of 5 - 6 boxes. All I can tell you from first hand experience is that I have always got the best looking (matching my specified preferred wrapper shade) and the best smelling oily havanas from DG, at a price no one else was willing (or able) to offer. If you pay by (quick and easy online) bank transfer, there is no better (and also no cheaper) way to buy the best cigars that I am aware of. C - Monaco
recieved order today monte cristo no 2 not ordered but more than happy with them trsmith
I received my cigars today; they were well packed and arrived in perfect condition, thank you. Mark C - UK

I got my cigars yesterday.
Thank YOU!

Jarkko, from Finland Jarkko Häkkinen
Cigars arrived ! They arrive beautifully wrapped and in perfect condition. Thank you Don Gabriel. I will be ordering again you can be sure of that. Dave G
Dear Gabriel,

I received my cigars today beautifully wrapped and in perfect condition.

Many thanks, David M. - UK
I received my cigars today beautifully wrapped and in perfect condition. I am very happy with my first order and VIP card.

Many thanks, Tony
Tony M - UK
Thanks again to keep one's word : I received 5 extra cigars to replace the damaged ones from previous delivery . Cigars received today seems to bee perfect . I will order again for sure Eric D. France
Thanks - I received the cigars yesterday and I'm looking forward to trying the Monte robusto. Great service! David Ford
Just wanted you to know we were able to pick up our package from the local post office on Tuesday. The merchandise is great and looking forward to trying them out over the coming weekend. We can tell you take good care of them, they have oils and great aging qualities. Looking forward to dealing with you more over the future months. George - USA
Dear Gabriel Nogueira de Matos,

I received my order today in perfect condition and wish to thank you for your perfect service.

I am especially looking forward to try the DG Robustos and Esplendidos and will be pleased to inform you about my first "DG experience" whithin the following days.

Your sincerely

Peter - Austria
Boa Tarde!

Caro Gabriel

Confirmo a recepção da minha encomenda em perfeitas condições, hoje pelas 11h00.
obrigado, continuação de bom trabalho
The cigars arrived in perfect order together with a lovely gift of sweets.I have smoked and enjoyed my first cigar from the box and was very impressed with it. well done sir for fufilling you promise of a very enjoyable smoke....I shall definately be ordering from you again. muchas gracias. Ronald S. - United Kingdom
Great service again lovey cigars in perfect condition.

Thanks! Iain UK Iain W Taylor
Having been sceptical at first and having had a few teething troubles to start, I have now decided to sit at my pc and comment on these beauties from DG.
After trying over 150 Vitoles from all the big Cuban houses I can honestly say that the DG Robustos and Coronas have now become my regular everyday smokes and I will be keeping a couple of boxes of each permanently in stock. There are plenty of other testimonials describing the flavours and characteristics of these cigars so all I will say is that if you know Cubans you will be stunned by these. The look, smell, feel, construction, taste, draw and burn is everything a Cuban should be. Cuban rollers beware and take note, I would defy any officionado to find any fault with these cigars. Get some now!!
Finally, the packaging was excellent, full marks for a very simple but effective method of keeping her Majestys Customs and Excise guessing - you know what I'm talking about Gabriel.

My hearty compliments to you for an outstanding service and product. Paul H. - UK.

Paul Hill - UK
Dear Gabriel,

Cigars have arrived and look good as always :-)

The package was checked and a box opened by NZ Customs in Auckland this time. They cleared it and sent on to Christchurch the next day, so obviously decided no tax was owing. Good stuff for your NZ customer base!

Thanks as always for the service.

Kind regards, J.S. - New Zealand
Had several purchases from you guys before, so I'd better write something I suppose.
Great prices, reliable delivery and a fine product! My latest order arrived in fine condition and extra quick time this morning.
Will be ordering again soon, as I can do direct online bank transfers with a 5% discount from the UK now!!!
Cheers Don G - you are THE DON!
Chris Smith
Dear Gabriel,
Thank you for the cigars which have just been delivered, beautifully wrapped and in excellent condition and the gratis Bellicoso is much appreciated. I’ll be in touch again.
John C - UK
My first order of cigars arrived in perfect order. I will certainly be ordering again. Nicholas L.
I did so enjoy my last box of H.Uppmann's! thank you very much! I look forward to this next batch of Punch. It has been 10 years since I have enjoyed the real punch flovor and scent. Thank you for offering your fantastic service!
Sincerely, Marty S. - AZ - USA
I received my cigars today they were beutifuly packed and received in excellent condition.
This was my first order and i will gladly place more in the near future.

thanks again for your great service, Ritchard from the UK Ritchard B.
Dear Don,

I would like to say thank you. I recieved my cigars Yesterday. They arrived in a beautiful wrapping. Plus i also got a few other gifts that i will enjoy very much. I would also like to extend my congradulations. You were a real help. Everytime i called you called me back very fast. Your company and your service are the best. Thanks for the cigar, It is chillin in my Humi. I can not wait to try your cigar.
P.S. the candy is a GREAT touch. I will be placing another order in a few days.

Thanks again, Neal B. USA Neal B.
Fast, speedy, and expertly packed.

I'll defiantely be coming back for more Kris
Great service, fantastic cigars, Thank you! I. Taylor
superb cigars ,delivered super fast...if you want top cuban cigars at half british prices this is for you......tried other sites in spain and geneva can't compete for delivery or customer service...defintely recommend C. Jackson
Sir Gabriel:
Received my order 4-24-06, as always in excellent condition,When you want the best forget the rest,Don Gabriel has the real thing.
Best Wishes - USA David H.
This was the first of the sticks I tried from the booty package we got from our friends at Don Gabriel Cigars. The Robusto might be short (4.72) but it's a solid 50-ring stick with a dark and toothy Maduro wrapper. Manufactured at Don Gabriel Factory in the Canary Islands, it's beautifully built exclusively of Cuban long-leaf tobacco. The presentation on this cigar is perfect. It's oily to the touch, sweet to the nose, and like a Montecristo, it simply feels massive in the hand.

Take your time lighting this beast. A 50-ring cigar is a BIG cigar. Toast the foot carefully, and enjoy the subtle aromas of chocolate and caramel it exudes. Then draw on it lightly while twirling it in the flame. Make sure it's lit all the way across.

The first taste on the tongue is a complex blend of cedar and spice, with that sweet undertone of sugarcane so common to fine Cubanos. No question at all, this cigar doesn't tease. It's full-bodied from the first taste.

The draw is smooth and easy, and the burn is even, but I did notice a tendency for the filler and binder to burn just a little ahead of the wrapper. You can see it in the picture if you look closely. It produces a rock-hard, medium grey ash that defies attempts to remove from the stick. You don't have to worry about straying away from the ashtray. But don't be afraid of the ashtray, either.

Take your time with this puro. It might be short, but it's a solid 90-minute smoke. It tends to get bitter if you push it. Lay it down and let it rest occasionally, it doesn't mind.

At the midpoint, it's a solid, full-bodied smoke, redolent with hints of cocoa, spice and cedar. This is NOT a smoke for a beginning aficionado, let me warn you right now. It's a powerful example of the finest product Cuban growers can turn out.

By the finish well, it's simply a good thing this sample came unbanded, it saved me the trouble of removing a band. Go ahead and shave your knuckles, you won't have any hair left on them anyway by the time you get all you want out of this smoke. It's a rich, complex and powerful finish, absolutely full of the flavor you'd expect from a stick produced in Havana.

At under $5 USD per copy, a tremendous point in their favor, I can tell you right now, I'm going to stuff a humidor full of these bad boys, and shock my partner J by handing out another '1' on the Cigar Intel Rating System. This stick ROCKS! Thanks again to Don Gabriel Cigars for providing this cigar for review. CigarIntel - USA
Recieved the cigars yesterday, and they look great. Letting them rest from their travel in the humidor for a few days, will be reviewing them soon on the website! Thanks! Jay C. - USA
When I arrived home today I was glad to see that my Don Gabriel sampler pack had arrived. Inside were three formats: Robusto, Belicoso, and Super Belicoso. Tonight I decided that the Robusto would be the subject of my "off the truck" review.

I sat down out back with a large cup of ice water and enjoyed the cool breeze for a moment as I started, and as prepared myself with a little bit of healthy skepticism and expectations for this brand new 100% Cuban tobacco cigar, I began this review.

The construction of this cigar is flawless. This 4.75 x 50 ring cigar has a smooth, oily, dark wrapper with few veins. The triple-capped head was expertly done. Cuba should take note here...this is the way you roll a premium cigar.

I clipped the cigar and tested the pre-light draw...perfect.

I put flame to the foot of the robusto and toasted it , then proceeded to light the cigar. The very first impression was that it was a bit grassy, but after the first few puffs the sweetness of this robusto was prominent. I did not detect any peppery or spiciness, which only added to the enjoyment (I like peppery cigars, but that would have ruined the sweetness of this cigar).

The cigar burned near razor-straight, and the flaky gray ash was tight, holding on for about 2.5 inches before dropping to the ground.

The plentiful smoke coated my mouth with a sweet, carmely taste that lasted all the way through toward the end of the second third. Towards the end of the second third, the "in your face", full-bodied nature of this cigar took over. A strong tobacco flavor accompanied the volumes of smoke but was not overpowering. Only when I drew some of the smoke through my nose was it evident that I was smoking a cigar that reminded me of an RyJ Cazadore, without the "oomph".

In the final third, the cigar maintained it's strength but never got harsh. I smoked this robusto all the down to the nub.


This is a full-bodied, in-your-face cigar, and not one I would recommend for the novice. Don Gabriel Cigars describe their line perfectly, and the cigar, even in it's "off the truck" condition, did not disappoint. I nubbed this cigar, which is more than I can say I have done with some regular-production Cubans lately.

I have no doubt that with a few weeks in the humidor that this will be a thoroughly pleasant cigar, and could very well be my go-to everyday smoke.

Suggestion to Don Gabriel Cigars...make this cigar in a medium bodied that more smokers will enjoy, but for me, I like it. Belicoso_Fino - Cigar Sindicate
Received my package today and thank you for the candy, they were great, also thank you for the cigar sample. Looking forward to smoking it tonight.
John - NJ - USA
Great service, very prompt delivery. Cigars in very good condition. I will be back for more in the future.

many thanks Ian Richardson
Gentlemen, cigars have arrived. Best Regards, Gero M. - Germany
Dear Don Gabriel
Cigars arrived yesterday, Thank you very much.
Regards, Mr. DM C. - UK
Recieved my order today 3/28/06,one box of Don Gabriel belicosos(full)and one box of super belicosos(full).They look fantastic.Can't wait to smoke this batch.I've bought and smoked these Don Gabriel full flavor cigars in robusto size and I must say that they are the best bang for the buck with regard to cubans. Dan

Recieved one brown box today !!!


Dan E- TX - USA
Cigars made it. Thank you. Fred - TN - USA
Received, Gracias. David V. - TN - USA
My cigars arrived today. It is very nice to receive the original product. Thank you. I will reorder.
Edward M. - AR - USA
Dear Sir

I would like to thank you for your courtesy in communication and would like to report complete satisfaction with the product and delivery information.

Please could you remind me of your website as I would like to make further purchases.

Gaynor L. - Kent - England
Dear Don Gabriel,

My first order and what a delight. The Don Gabriel Esplendidos were beautifully packaged (it was a joy just opening the box!) and the delivery was very fast.
Great service, great product, the cigars are excellent and a gift of a Belicosos and some sweets, it was like Christmas.
Thank you.

With compliments and best wishes, Simon C. England.
Cigars received yesterday, very pleased, excellent cigars . I usually smoke cohiba. In my opinion these Don Gabriel Esplendidos are every bit as good. Excellent draw, enjoyable smoke peter veevers
Thanks for your rapid delivery of your excellent cigars. A nice change to get value for money and raid delivery I was hoping Don Gabriel might stock Arturo Fuente, if not please start! Rob Willis UK
I have received my Don Gabriel Coronas Full and they seem to be very good, better than most Cubans I have had in the past. kind regards, Trevor - UK
I recevied my order.
Thankyou Gabriel for the fast shipping and the gift.

Looking forward to receive my next order,


Massimo C.

Pisa Italy Massimo Creatini
Thank you for the super fast and perfect shipping. George A.-Spain

Received my order this morning (11/02/06), I will enjoy one later thanks for the fast delivery. I will use you again.

Regards, I. McEachran (UK) I. McEachran
I recevied my order. ,It was As always pervect in every way.
Thankyou Don Gabriel it is always my plesyer to order from you and yours.The cigars are a very good smoke for me and my pocket book.The treat is always to me a bonus.I keep hoping i will get 1 smoke treat of your liking,maybe an upgrade from I been ordering.
Best OF Wishes
squidman USA d horton
Package arrived in record time. I had my doubts at first but I will be sure to use Don Gabriel in the future for all my cigar purchases. Excellent service and transaction
Thank you
-Nancy Nancy M.
Thank you very much for the last delivery of cigars arrived early. Cigar and cutter much appreciated. G Frost
Encomenda recebida 4 dias uteis após ter sido efectuada no site. Excelente serviço, entrega celere e em óptimas condições. Obrigado pelas ofertas.

Cumprimentos, André N.
I recived my order in excellent condition.I will enjoy.
Thankyou squidman USA
Dear Mr. Don

Just received my second shipment of Jamica Blue Mountain Coffee.
I'm very pleased again as usally. Thanks so much and for a great service.

Thanks Again
John M.
John M
Excellent service and cigars. I recommend you highly! T Greg Clark
Hi all, my cigars arrived this morning, gift wrapped and with free sweets! The service has been wonderful and I will use you again, many thanks, happy Christmas and New Year,


Derek Watt
Dear Don Gabriel,
I recieved my Bolivar Belicoso Finos in the mail monday afternoon. Great time!Thanks. My cigars were fresh,perfect, and beautiful! Thank you for such excellent service, and a smooth transaction. Anyone thinking about doing bussiness with Don Gabriel Cigars, you will not be sorry! Don Gabriel is the best! Thanks again.
Your friend...Nick V. Nick r. V.- NY - USA
Dear Gabriel,
I received my cigars in the mail friday afternoon. Thank you!
everything was great! i would'nt expect anything less. i m h o
Don Gabriel Cigars is the best on the net. I am a very happy
repeat custumer.
P.S. Merry Christmas! and a happy New Year! Nick r. V.- NY - USA
Dear Don Gabriel
We have received all your shipments.
We are waiting our last order to arrive. Thank you very much.
Why don't you have cigarillos romeo y julieta mini ? Kostas S.- Greece
Hallo Team von Don Gabriel,
die bestellten Zigarren erreichten mich nach kurzer Lieferzeit in gutem Zustand. Einkaufen bei "Don Gabriel" ist eine gute Empfehlung. Beste Grüße aus Deutschland. Michael A. - Germany
Wonderfull! This was my first cigars order, bravely consisting of 3 cigar boxes. They arrived within 7 days and were beautifully packed. They were sealed and in excellent condition, cigars were all were over a year aged as well. Smoked a couple of cigars each except the montecristos. Im sure they will be excellent cigars as well. Thank You Nick R. - New Mexico - U.S.A.
I feel I must congratulate you with the quality of these cuban cigars. The draw of the cigars Don Gabriel being of a very high quality and a pleasurable cigars smoke. My box of 25 cigars size Coronas arrived in good time and I was informed at every stage of the delivery process by e-mail. A very friendly and top quality cuban cigars vendor I recommend highly. Thankyou also for the sample Robusto cigar, which I have yet to sample and can't wait to try....looks like another order from me heading your way very soon!! Many thnx. your cuban cigarsare the best ! Jase - England
Recebi a encomenda de charutos hoje, cerca das 12H00. Tudo impecável!
Melhores cumprimentos.
Pedro - Funchal - Madeira
Just to let you know that my cigars have arrived today. All perfect ! I hope you have a good weekend.Your cuban cigars are very nice. Thanks and regards. Tim - U.K.
Once again I have been amazed at the quality of both the cuban cigars and of the
service of your company. My cuban cigars have reached me in pristine condition.
I look forward to placing my next cuban cigars order with you. Many thanks. Dr. Patrick R. - UK
Hello Gabriel I would like to say how impressed i was when i recieved my cuban cigars today. I took delivery at 2.30pm today by our local carrier( parcel force).The speeed of this service after placing my order with you on monday i have not come across any other company over the web who could offer or beat this, so - thank you. I will now enjoy these cuban cigars. I would also like to say that when i placed last order with you i tryed all three cigars i had enjoyed them all. However I do like the Don Gabriel Esplendidos, and Don Gabriel Robustos so I would say to anydody please try them you wount be disappointed. M.A. - London - UK
I aknowledge receipt of cigars. They are in good condition. They arrived a couple of days ago.
Thanks and regards,
Rena T. - Greece
Hey Guys

Just wanted to let you know that my order arrived today all
save and sound. Great service and the best of products. Looking forward to trying some of your other fine products.

best regards: Dave - USA
the order arriwed today, and its fine
Carsten - Denmark
A encomenda acima referida, foi recebida hoje pelas 10 horas em perfeitas condições. sem mais, com os meus cumprimentos,
Gil B. - Portugal
Hello Mr Gabriel, I have received my box of cigars Don Gabriel Robustos;thank you for the gifts! I have smoked a cigar... very good flavoured and tasty, it reminds me those made by the torcedor at the Corona at La Habana... Looking forvard ordering the esplendidos!
Best regards,
Mr Pierre C. - Nice - France
Dear sir you have great cigars excellent!!!!Great service,fast delivery,and nice gifts, thanks a lot....
Just wanted to let you know the cigars arrived yesterday.Thank you very much! Dan
Dear Sir,

I would like to confirm that the cigars have been received.
Unfortunately, I have not personally seen them, but I am sure they are of high quality. Thank you for smooth delivery.

Best regards,
Wanchak B. - Hotel in Madrid
Hey Guys

Just wanted to let you know that my order arrived today all
save and sound. Great service and the best of products. Looking forward to trying some of your other fine products.

Best regards,
David G. - USA
received cigars within 5 days in perfect condition,would recomend don gabriel own brand cigars,good value . Peter R. - UK
Confirmo a chegada da encomenda em perfeitas condições.
Continuação do bom trabalho!
Paulo S. - Portugal
Dear Sirs,

I have received my order in full this morning.

Thank you for your excellent service.

Yours sincerely,
M. Wallace - Scotland
Order was received today in excellent condition. Thanks for the gift.
V.Taylor - USA

Yesterday I received my order in perfect condition.
Thanks for extra stuff.

Matjaz S. - Slovenia
Apreciados amigos, les escribo para agradecerles el envio de las 4 cajas de puros que compré el mes pasado. Me llegaron en muy poco tiempo, y a mi casa, en perfectas condiciones. Les agradezco profundamente su rapidez y su preocupación por si todo había ido bien. Gracias también por el cortapuros.Les mando un saludo muy cordial,
ELISA B. - España
goods receeived in good condition and thanks for the personal touch .
Brian - Scotland
I received my order yesterday in excellent condition. The packaging was magnificent. Thanks for your prompt and courteous service, as well as the first class merchandise.
C. Moore - USA

I wil try my Portuguese, I hope It does not offend.

Estou muito agradecido por a presente que o Senhor me mondou, e tambem agradecido por o servicos que me foram oferecidos. Por ja me despec,o e espero que contiuemos a trabelhar juntos.

Muito Obrigado,
Thank you, very much, for the wonderful Package! It arrived safely. I am very happy with your services, and look forward to a long and rewarding relationship.

M. Shaw - USA
Hola Gabriel,

I received the parcel from the Post Office this morning (the parcel was very well wrapped ,the cigar box sealed properly and the cigars themselves in excellent condition).
Obrigada for the gift cigar!

I'm planning to place a new order very soon!
Rena - Greece

Just a note to say thank you for the order that I received this morning. Everything about your service is extremely professional. Thank you also for the sweets and the Don Gabriel sampler....

I look for ward to placing my next order,
P. Ross - UK
Hallo and thanks for your services.
My order DG195942, Date: 2005-10-02, Hour: 10:59,
that you inform me about Invoice/Receipt: DG8149G367 on Date: 2005-10-03 / 07:30:42 and was announced the sending to Greece with Shipping Date: 2005-10-04, has just arrived. So : The Greek Post Office with receipt note, on Friday 2005–10–07 / 10.00, told me that I can get them (after Saturday – Sunday) on Monday from 2005–10–10 / 08.00 For your statistics – or something.
D. Adonew - Greece
Hallo Don Gabriel
Cigars arrived on Friday!
Thank you very much for the presents.
The package arrived Friday. Thank you. The packaging and the gift is a nice touch.
R.Mastroianni - USA
Received my order today and in great condition. Nice package, great detail. The candy and bonus were a nice surprise. Looking forward to my next 2 orders. A customer for life.
Thanks John Olson
Muy señores míos:

Les debo felicitar encarecidamente por su magnífica labor y página web en la que somos cada día mas los integrantes conocedores del buen Habano que nos reunimos para ver y probar sensaciones nuevas.

Con respecto a los envíos cabe mencionar que son excelentes y con una calidad y eficacia insuperable.

He recomendado a todos mis amigos la página para que hagan pedidos y consultas sobre nuestra gran afición, el Habano.

Un saludo,
Pablo G - España
gabriel, thanks for such speedy delivery. my smokes got here today. thanks again for your service, next time your in los angeles look me up so we can burn one. C. Howard - LA - USA
Hello Gabriel,
Thank you for the great cigars.I live in the great mid west it took only 7 days to get my shipment ,it was worth it.Thanks for the gift.Keep up the good work . Robert - U.S.A.
Hi Gabriel,
Received my order today. excellent condition thank you for such speedy delivery. you have a customer for life.

best regards from los angeles,
Clinton H. - L.A. - U.S.A.
Exmo. Sr.

Venho por este meio acusar a recepção da minha encomenda. Aproveito para comunicar que esta chegou em excelentes condições.

Até uma próxima vez,
Simão E. - Leça do Balio - Portugal
Como solicitado, confirmo a recepção, hoje, da encomenda.
António Duarte A. - Lisboa - Portugal
Order received today in excellent condition. Thank you.
Vance - Georgia - U.S.A.
Just wanted to confirm that my shipment of cohiba's arrived today, excellent packaging and fast service, thank you very much, once these have been smoked you will have a returning customer, thank you once again!
Brian P. - Alabama - U.S.A.
Hi Don,

I received this shipment of Don Gabriel cigars today in excellent condition. Thanks again for your service.

Talk to you soon.

Dave - Illinois - U.S.A.
got the package
everything it's ok
D. Erlich - Israel
Cigars received today, in excellent condition.
Many thanks.
Lawrence C. Roma - Italy
My last order has just arrived.
Everything O.K.
Thanks and Best Regards,
Jurij - LJUBLJANA - Slovenia
Dear Don Gabriel,

To advise you that cigars arrived safely this morning - many thanks for the extra free gift cigar and the sweets - that is a really nice gesture and much appreciated - I shall look forward to enjoying your cigar this evening and shall be ordering from you again in the future .

Thank you for an excellent service.
Mrs. Frances K. - Biggleswade - United Kingdom
Dear Sir,

My cigars arrived safely and securely two days ago. Thank you!

Best regards - Darius P. - Kaunas - Lithuania
I did recieve two boxes of cigars Don Gabriel Coronas, obviously 'full' while on the down side there was a letter 'F' and the wrapper was maduro. Up to now, I have enjoyed 44 coronas.

In general, the appearence is simply excellent; DG are definetly beautiful coronas. And special credits must go for the caja!

The taste is rich, intense, balanced and full (remembering that its corona). I did also like their rather long persistence.
I found a real oldfactory woody taste from the Partido and Vuelta Abajo and a pleasant slight hot pepper, mingled with notes of green capsicum and nutmeg.

Thus I must say that my hopes and wishes came true; that much anyway that my next order will be DG robustos (intensos).

Therefore, I am looking forward to see my next order at my door steps (delivery was excellent!) and read your reply on what I said above.

Warm Regards, H.S. - Vantaa - Finland
Dear Gabriel,
Package arrived in time, thanks for the present !
Best Regards,
Marek G. - Austria
Dear Sirs,

I have received my order yesterday. Thanks for the quick delivery. I have tried one cigar and it seems to be quite good.

I think your special wrapping system, the sweets and one gift cigar is a very nice touch indeed.

Best Regards, Hans H. - Vasa - Finland
Package arrived today and the quality of the Don Gabriel Esplendidos cigars is excellent.
Thanks for a great product and the candy.
Vance - Georgia - U.S.A.
A minha encomenda já chegou há uns dias mas queria experimentar um dos Robustos Full antes de dar a minha opinião: São soberbos. Claramente, o melhor blend que já encontrei na marca Don Gabriel, e pelo preço, uma das melhores compras que fiz até hoje. Aliado ao serviço impecável, V. tem razões para sentir orgulho na operação que dirige.
Melhores cumprimentos e até breve...
Paulo Antonio V. - Lisboa - Portugal
Thanks, I receive the cigars.
Best regards
A. Forfolis - Greece
Cigars arrived yesterday in very good condition.
Thank you for the extra cigar!
J. Eggers - Oberhausen - Germany
hello gabriel I am very impressed i had received my order on monday and it arrived in good condition so i thank you for this and thank you for the sweets.
Mohammed A. - U.K.
Arrived today. I'll smoke one soon.

Thank you!

Mike - Tennessee - U.S.A.
hi gabriel, got my smokes monday, thank you for such speedy service. you have a customer for life.

Clinton Howard - U.S.A.
I am pleased to report these cigars arrived today.
Gracias !
Larry M - Connecticut - U.S.A.
Received order today. I will let them rest a week before I try one. Thank you.
Phil B - FL - U.S.A.
Dear Sirs,

We received our package of cigars and we are so happy with our purchase. Everything arrived safely and packaged so nicely! We look forward to doing business with you again! We are so happy we found you via the internet by chance. We were looking to purchase Cuban coffee and discovered your web-site.

Warm regards,
Mr. & Mrs. Michael W. - Pennsylvania - U.S.A.
Thank you for the most recent order which I received last week in excellent condition.

Kind regards,

Jerry - London - U.K.
Dear Gabriel,

My order was received today.

Thanks!, Thanks!, Thanks!, Thanks!, Thanks!,

Ty S. - Denver - U.S.A.
Dear Mr. Gabriel Nogueira de Matos,

I have received my order DG##### few hours ago.
It was the most beautifly packed order I have ever received, thank you.
I am looking forward to receive my second order.
You will be hearing from me soon.

Best Regards,
Mehmet I. - Istambul - Turkey
My delivery arrived yesterday. Everything fine. You can expect to hear from me again very soon.
Andy - U.K.
What can I say but Thankyou. Ship to USA and in my box in less than a week!! I comend you on the wrapping and care you take every time.I could not ask for any better. I'm cleaning my humidor out to make room for the Don Gabriel Coronas (Full).

Best Regards,
David H. - U.S.A.
Dear Don Gabriel,
Cigars arrived at noon today.
Thank you for the prompt delivery.
Jim G. - Estoril - Portugal
I received my package today in the mail. Thank you for your prompt and kind customer service. I will definetely be ordering from you again.
Rob - PA - U.S.A.
Dear Sir
Sorry for so late confirmation, but I want to inform you that Siglo IV arrived safely and securely. Thank you!
Darius P. - Kaunas - Lithuania
I would like to inform you that the cigars have arrived in perfect condition.
Thank you.
Best regards,
Kostas souflis - Athens - Greece
The Ramon Allones box has just arrived. Everything O.K.
Thanks and regards,
Jurij - LJUBLJANA - Slovenia
Hello, I just got robustos.
Everything is fine!
Mikko R. - Finland
Hi Gabriel,
I received the cigars yesterday, they look fantastic.
Thanks again,
Jim - N.Y. - U.S.A.
El pedido llegó en perfecto estado hoy por la mañana.

Saludos y hasta la proxima,
Victor B. - Tarragona - España
I am pleased to inform you that the shipment arrived in perfect condition on Monday the 1st.
Thanks for the gifts as well.
Best Regards,
Hannu S. - Hungary
Dear sir,

I would like to inform you that today I
received my order and everything is OK.

Thank you for your gifts.

M. Giakalis - Attika - Greece
About Don Gabriel Cigars :

Very very nice!! These full blend smokes are great Gabriel!
I told some of my associates about them and I think you'll
be getting some orders from them over the next few days.

Allen - LA - U.S.A.
Thanks for my order, the Don Gabriel coronas (med.)are very good. Each time I ordered there were sweets, and the way you package the order must take alot of extra time. Each order has been in excellent condition and true to what you say about (The real thing) Glad I found you, Thankyou

David H. - Squidman - USA
Dear Don Gabriel,

Your recent shipments arrived satisfactorily and I have been enjoying my VegaFina, and look forward to the new order of Don Gabriels.

I have been very pleased with the quality of the cigars you send me. Not only are they authentic cigars in superb condition, but they are also aged a few years, which has improved my enjoyment of them very much. Other cigar merchants have sent me cigars in poor condition and much too young (the packing date on the back of the box less than a year old sometimes!). I just wanted you to know that I have noticed your superior service and I am grateful to you for it.

Thank you again for your prompt and personal service,

Yours sincerely,
Mark B. - California - U.S.A.
El Presidente, Salut.
This order also arrived at the weekend.
Thank you,

Geoff - Isle of Man - British Isles.
Got them! Many thanks for the sweets and robusto. Be back for more later. You guys are great, as your prices are at as much as 50% cheaper than over here!
Once again many thanks,
Chris - London - U.K.
Thanks and have a nice day!!

Joe Arc. - New Hampshire - U.S.A.
Just received my order earlier today and I must say I was delighted with it. The "extras", especially the Don Gabirel Robusto, were very thoughtful and well appreciated.

More importantly, the cigars arrived in perfect condition with excellent packaging and the quality of the cigars was fantastic.

Thank you very much.
S Kitmitto - U.A.E.
Dear sir
I would like to inform you that I have received my cigars today. They wear delivered by our parcel post and arrived at 9 am. I was very impressed the speed of this delivery and that it arrived in good condition I thank you for this. I will now sit down and enjoy this cigar I will let you know what I think when I have tried one. Again thank you for your service.

Best regards,
Mohammed A. - U.K.

Today, I recieved my cigars. Everthing was in order and the cigars looks fine. Thank you also for the complimentary Don Gabriel cigar and the coffee chocolate.

Best regards,

Mattias H. - Haninge - Sweden
Hello Don Gabriel,
I received my cigars on Monday. Thank you so much for the fast and reliable service. My cigars arrived safe and in perfect condition, and your packageing is the finest i have ever seen! I must say Don Gabriel cigars are becomeing my favorite smoke, everything from their construction to the smooth engageing flavor is top of the line! thank you for such a wonderful product!....

Your loyal customer,

Nick V. - Colton - U.S.A.

My cigars arrived safely today. Thank you for your prompt service and for the nice presentation of the cigars.

Thank you again,
Robert W. - Scotland
Dear Don Gabriel,

I am glad to inform that the parcel arrived this morning, in two days thus what is an excellent action. I also liied vey much the caja and qualidad the labour. After one corona it is to early to comment the final quality but I'll back in this issue later.

Yours sincerely,
Hannu S. - Finland
Dear Gabriel,

Thank you very much. I got the shipment yesterday. Every thing worked perfectly well. You are now my reference supplier

All the Best,
Philippe M. - France/Alsace
I have received your shipment and present. Thank you very much.
Kostas s. - Athens - Greece
Dear Sir,

Received my order in perfect condition, everything looks great. Great Service.

B.J. - Monaco B.J.
I recieved my cigars yesterday. It took about a week, but I'm sure they're well worth the wait. I can't wait to try them. Thank you very much for the free cigar. You will definately be hearing from me again and from my friends whom I've told of you.
Cindy A. - MD,VA,DE - U.S.A.

I would just like to say Thank You for your promt and professional handling of my recent order. I was out of town when the order arrived, and my wife set it aside for me until I got home! The order arrived in excellent condition, and the cigars were packaged very professionally. The included bag of !!!!!! was an enexpected treat. I am now letting the cigars rest and will try one later this week.

Once again, thank you. I will not hesitate to order from you again.

With Regards,
J. Kowalczk - Alaska - U.S.A.
just recieved the order.....thanks so much for taking care in packaging and shipping! will order again very soon....hell, maybe today.

Jackie - California - U.S.A.
hi i received my second order thank you so much for the speedy delivery. your house cigars are excellent. my friends and i in los angeles thank you so very much.
Clinton H. - L.A. - U.S.A.
Dear Sirs,

I want to inform you that my Cohibas and Vegas Robaina just arrived and thank you very much for the surprising quality of the service you are giving. Just look forward for the next order from me, I appreciate your kindness and attention.

Best regards,

Darius P. - Kaunas - Lithuania
The cigars arrived Friday. Many thanks, they were beautifully packaged and I have been very happy with the whole experience of dealing with Don Gabriel.

Kind regards,

James L. - Kent - U.K.
Dear Sir,

I would like to inform you that I have already
received my order. Everything was perfect! Thank
you very much for the extras and I would appreciate if
you could update me in any future offers.

Congratulations for a job well done!

Best Regards,
Sourvinos S.- Piraeus - Greece
Dear Gabriel,
I received my order today, can I say how pleased I was with your packaging, it was very kind of you for the free items. A very big thank you, your service is second to none, I will be back for more I can promise.
Kind Regards,

Adrian - Essex - U.K.
Dear M. Gabriel,
Im writing to tell you that I received the cigars today. They had actually arrived yesterday but I went and picked them up from the post office today.
Everything was fine. Thank you. You will definitely be hearing from me in the near future.
Kind regards,

Aristide F. - Athens - Greece
Hello Don Gabriel,
My cigars arrived at my doorstep yesterday afternoon in the mail.Thank you so much for the fantastic service! And thank you also for the Don Gabriel Robusto! and sweets!
I can tell you my next order will be Don Gabriel Cigars. The Corona and Robusto i sampled were pure pleasure to smoke! the construction and draw were perfect the wrapper lovely and dark the aroma deep and full! a delight for the eyes as well as the taste buds.I would recommend Don Gabriel Cigars to anyone who enjoys fine Cuban cigars.Don Gabriel is fast, reliable, and friendly.Great cigars and great service.And i love your packaging! you have won a new loyal customer. Your friend.... Nick V. - California - U.S.A.
Recieved my first order today. Thanks you for the great packaging and wonderful customer service. I will surely purchase more from this great company...
John - Oklahoma - U.S.A.
Recieved my second order for the Don Gabriel full flavored robustos.

Excellent service. Robusto's look great can't wait to light one up.

Dan in Texas (USA)
Hi Gabriel,

I was happy to get my order last week #AAAAAAA
Will you please release order # BBBBBBB

Thank you,
Bill K. - Lakeville - U.S.A.
Dear Don Gabriel,

I just wanted to tell you that I just received my order and they were in good condition. Thank you for making this possible! I will recommend you to all my friends!.

Thank you,
Raul P - California - U.S.A.
Dear Gabriel,
Just received the R&J Coranitas en Cedro (order #####), loved the packaging and thanks for the gifts. I look forward to smoking the cigars after they have had a chance to settle in the humidor.

Stjohn - London - United Kingdom
Boa Tarde,

Gostava apenas de confirmar a recepção da encomenda, que chegou a horas e em bom estado.

Paulo O. - Portugal
Cigars recieved successfully today. Many thanks!
Will be in touch soon for my next order.

Bill - U.K.
I would just like to inform you that my order arrived safely this morning, thankyou very much.
Your service is superb. You will be receiving further orders from me in the future.

Muchas Gracias,
Phil C. - Cumbria - U.K.
Dear Sir
Order recieved in perfect condition and thank you kindly for the pocket guide. Very informative.
Thanks again.
Kind regards,
Mark R. - Cambridgeshire - U.K.
Order Recieved. All beautiful, thank you very much.

Clinton Howard - U.S.A.
I got my order yesterday. The pocket guide & The cigars were well packed and very well sealed.
K. Panagiotopoulos - Thessaloniki - Greece
Order received, well packaged and timely shipped.

Thanks in advance,

Richard P.S. - Alabama - U.S.A.
Thank you for such a good service. l,m more than pleased, you will have my orders in the future, just a shame l cannot get this level of service in the UK...!!!


Clayton G. - London - U.K.
Very good service, very good cigars, perfect shipment. Thx a lot.

H. Fischer, Switzerland
Dear Sirs

Thank you very much for the shipment which arrived this morning in perfect condition.

Yours faithfully,

David F. - United Kingdom
Got them yesterday, and tried the cigars Don Gabriel Robusto. Very tasty. Fast Delivery.


Michael - Gaithersburg - U.S.A.
Dear Don Gabriel,

I received my order yesterday and am pleased to advise that the cigars Rafael Gonzalez extras are in excellent condition. Thankyou for your prompt service, I look forward to purchasing more of your products in the future.

Best Regards,

John Manglaviti - Victoria - Australia
Dear Don Gabriel,

I received my order yesterday and am pleased to advise that the cigars Rafael Gonzalez extras are in excellent condition. Thankyou for your prompt service, I look forward to purchasing more of your products in the future.

Best Regards,

John Manglaviti - Victoria - Australia
Thanks for the fast delivery, I got my cigars yesterday.

Best Regards,
Jani M. - Finland

Got home yesterday, and cigars look fantastic.Can't wait to smoke one.Give them a week in my humidor to calm down from their journey.Will do a review after that.


Dan - U.S.A.
Purchased the Don Gabriel Full Flavored Robusto Cigars and they are some of the best I've had.The cigars have a smooth silky medium to dark wrapper.The cigar has an excellent draw and bold taste.Will definately purchase more.

Dan E. - U.S.A
Dear Gabriel,

Cigars arrived in perfect condition on tuesday.
Thank You very much for Your advice and quick dispatch.


Thomas - Germany

just recieved my order, fresh and sealed as promised you have a first class operation and my hats off to you guys, can't wait for my next order to arrive.
Joseph g. - U.S.A.
Just like to say that everything was delivered perfectly and in only 3 days, great job!
Brian - Ireland
I've received it
everything was OK.
Erlich - Israel

Thank you for quick delivery! Very well packed! Cigars looks nice, hope to smoke soon!

Best regards,
Rob - Netherland
The shipment arrived here today in good condition.

Best regards,
Adrian B. - Tokyo - Japan
Caros amigos,

Venho desta forma notificar-vos que a encomenda com os charutos Don Gabriel Esplendidos, chegou no prazo estipulado e em perfeitas condições. Desejo também pedir-lhes que me informem sempre que possível de produtos com semelhante relação qualidade/preço, pois estou disposto a conhecer novas marcas.

Obrigado pela atenção,

subscrevo-me atenciosamente,

Helder S. - P. do Varzim - Portugal
I would like to inform you that much to my surprise my order was delivered at my door at 7 this morning. All was in perfect condition and tonight I will enjoy my first cigar.

Many thanks for an excellent service.

Best regards,
Erik K. - STOCKHOLM - Sweden
Dear Sir,
I have just received my first order from you, ( a box of 25 Don Gabriel coronas).
First of all I was VERY impressed with the packaging. So beautifully presented, the foil to keep the cigars fresh and the free cafe cremes were a nice addition.
I have had cigars shipped to me from all over the world but none have been as well presented as yours. Next, the box the cigars were in is very impressive. (My wife wants the box for herself as soon as I have transferred the cigars to my humidor !!!) Lastly, the cigars themselves. I could not wait until this evening so I lit one after breakfast this morning. They are a delight. With a good aroma and flavour. A very satisfying smoke. I am very pleased with your cigars, their packaging is excellent and I will certainly do business with you again. In fact I will be ordering 25 Don Gabriel (Churchill size) in a few minutes. Thank you very much.

Kind regards,
John T. - Staffordshire - U.K.
Exm.os Senhores,

Informo que a encomenda chegou ontem, dia 31, a minha casa e só hoje me foi possivel fazer o seu levantamento nos correios! Chegou em perfeitas condições muito bem embalada.
Muito obrigado e até à próxima.

Melhores Cumprimentos,
Pedro M. - Portugal
Thanks for your service and your quick replies to my questions. I'll let you know when I need more cigars in the future as it looks like I have found a shop that knows how to cater to their customers.

We will talk soon.

All the best,
Dave - IL - U.S.A.
Hi Gabriel,

I received the Don Gabriel's and they are beautiful.

James D. - N.Y. - U.S.A.
The order was received today in perfect condition and very nicely wrapped!
I look forward to smoking the cigars (Siglo I) and adding my review.

Antonios O. - Greece
Order has been received. Thank you.

I will try cigars after the rest in my humidor for awhile.

Best Regards,
S.L. Cook - FL - U.S.A.
Caro Gabriel
Confirmo a recepção em bom estado e no dia seguinte.
Abel B. - S. João da Madeira - Portugal
Debo de admitir que tenia mis dudas sobre las compras en internet, pero sin duda con empresas tan serias como esta pues no cabe mas que agradecer su servicio tan profesional y rapidisimo ademas de que siempre se mantienen en contacto contigo. Sin duda recomiendo esta pagina y seguire adquiriendo productos que aparte estan a un muy buen precio.

Francisco - Alicante - España
I was away for a week, order received.

Thank you very much,

Bert P. - California - U.S.A.
I have received my order. Thank you for the service.


Alain - London - U.K.

Just to let you know that my order arrived safely today :) Thank you very much.

I've tried one Don Gabriel Esplendidos already and they are superb.

I like the way it was all packaged..... you obviously have much experience of English customs !

I look forward to dealing with you again in future.

Muchas Gracias,
Philip - Workington - U.K.
Dear Don Gabriel

My apologies for not having replied yesterday – I have been ill – laryngitis – I have lost my voice so I am staying in bed & watching films.

The cigars arrived fit and well – Thanks for the 3 ‘Don Gabriel’ cigars.

With my head-cold I am not best placed to give an opinion on the R.A. petites but they are beautifully rolled - draw well & burn nice and evenly. The cold should be over in a day or two and I will let you know.

Once again a very prompt and excellent service many thanks

Best regards,
Keith S. - London - U.K.
Já há muito que acompanho a Don Gabriel como outsider pois o hábito de ser eu próprio a escolher os charutos é dificil de esquecer. Várias foram as vezes que permiti que fosse o lojista a escolher os meus charutos e muitas vezes me arrependia. Decidi hoje confiar no vosso serviço e fiz uma encomenda para "testar". Relativamente ao vosso serviço, também há muito que acompanho a evolução dos charutos na internet, e posso afirmar que a Don Gabriel está no topo da minha consideração, mesmo ainda só tendo feito uma única encomenda via internet.
Aproveito para sugerir a organização esporádica de um dia em que os sócios possam assistir a um enrolador profissional a trabalhar e degustar os charutos por ele enrolados. É algo raro em Portugal e muito interessante. Pedro C. - Portugal
Ex.mos Sr.s

Quero antes de mais, enaltecer o Vosso serviço. É raro encontrar uma firma cujo lema se aplica à total satisfação dos clientes (dentro dos razoáveis limites do senso comum) e com uma resposta apta e célere.

Mais uma vez, Muito Obrigado por todo o Vosso serviço e atenção,

Atenciosamente, M. Pontes - Portugal
Dear all,

thanks for your help.

Cigars did arrived and I'm already enjoying them.

Best regards,

Claus - Onsabrueck - Germany
I love your service and how you wrap orders to avoid customs problems. The sweets were a nice touch

Looking forward to receive my next order,


VG - Santa Fe - U.S.A.
Muy señores mios: Lo primero confirmar que ya me llego el pedido y es todo correcto. Lo segundo es darles las gracias y confirmar la eficacia que tiene su compañia. Esperando una relación larga y fructífera. Reciban un saludo y muchas gracias.

J Manuel - Madrid - España

My order was received in perfet conditions.
Your method of packaging is brilliant!

Thank You,
David R. - Seattle, WA - USA
Dear Gabriel,

I smoked one of the Din Gabriel Coronas cigars this weekend, it was fantastic. Very rich and smooth, and they smoked perfectly, not too tight and not to loose. Just a pretty looking cigar. Very happy I found you, the product and the service has been outstanding.

James - New York, NY - U.S.A.
Me parece muy cómodo realizar las compras desde casa y sobre todo, encontrar proveedores confiables y seguros como ustedes.

Adolfo O. Marbella - España
Dear Gabriel,

Order received today 10.30H.
Everything OK. Thanks.

Best Regards,

Jurij - LJUBLJANA - Slovenia
Yo siempre desconfiaba de las tiendas por internet. Pero definitivamente puedo confiar en esta tienda! No he tenido problemas, recibí toda la mercadería, sin ninguna sorpresa, y la atención ha sido verdaderamente extraordinaria.

Juan Carlos - Malaga - España
Hemos quedado completamente satisfechos con el servicio prestado por ustedes, seguramente volveremos a comprar algunos de la gran varieded de productos que tienen, sigan manteniendo esa excelente calidad en el servicio.

Jose M - Barcelona - España

My shippment arived today, all perfect !

Carsten - Denmark
Hola, Justo acaba de llegarme el pedido.
Estoy muy satisfecha con los resultados. Muchas gracias. Próximamente haré nuevos pedidos.

Un saludo,
Fátima P. - Madrid - España
Muy señores mios:
Lo primero confirmar que ya me llego el pedido y es todo correcto. Lo segundo es darles las gracias y confirmar la eficacia que tiene su compañia. Esperando una relación larga y fructífera.
Reciban un saludo y muchas gracias. J Manuel J Manuel - Bercelona - España
Hi, Just wanted to let you know that my order ####### arrived in the USA to my home yesterday safely and fresh ! Thanks again, Jeff p.s Wife liked the candy sampler !

Jeff T. - Long Grove - U.S.A.
Dear Gabriel,

I smoked one of yours Don Gabriel Robustos this weekend, it was fantastic.

Thanks and Kind Regards,

James D - N.Y. U.S.A.
Exmo. Sr. Gabriel,

A encomenda chegou hoje e em perfeitas condições.


Pedro C. - Carnide - Lisboa
Dear Sirs,

I have received cigars Saturday morning in excellent condition.

Thank you and best regards,

D. Churchill - U.K.
Dear Gabriel,

My last order was delivered early in the mornig by postman from local Post office. Express dellivery service. Thank you very much.

With Best Regards, :-)

Jurij J. - Eslovenia - :-)
Hi Gabriel,

I received my cigars, they look great and I am really looking forward to the Don Gabriel Esplendidos you mentioned.


Jim D. - New York - U.S.A.
Excellent cigars, excellent service. Thank you!

Best, Tim A. - Wiltshire - U.K.
Caro Gabriel,

Recebi hoje durante a manhã a minha encomenda, que vinha em perfeitas condições.

Ainda não tive oportunidade de experimentar o seu conteúdo, mas o aroma que exala dos Robustos parece mais prometedor que os Esplêndidos. Prometo deixar uma nota no site logo que tenha uma opinião mais concreta.

Cumprimentos e bons fumos, Paulo V. - Lisboa - Portugal
Hello Gabriel,

cigars arrived safely today. Thank You very much.

kind Regards,
Thomas - Viena - Austria
Dear Don Gabriel Cigars

I've received my order today in perfect conditions.

I'll be ordering again very soon,

Thanks for you gift !

Best Regards from Tokyo, Akio T - Tokyo - Japan
Cigars received today in perfect condition.

Best regards,
Lawrance C. - Roma - Italy
Amigo, Acabo de receber a minha encomenda em excelentes condições, e devo dizer que os vossos robustos são óptimos. Um abraço ao amigo Gabriel Matos
Paulo Jorge F. - Lisboa
Exactitud en la entrega, facilidad por internet para emitir el pedido y producto en perfectas condiciones a la entrega.

Muchas Gracias, Carlos V. - Castellana - Madrid - España
Dear Gabriel,

The boxes arrived at the same time. and no seals were broken. perfect.

I hope to be ordering again soon.

Ed M. - Havertown - U.S.A.

My order was received today. All in due order.Very good service!

Best regards, Jussi R. - Helsinki - Finland
Dear Don Gabriel

I am pleased to report that the cigars arrived in perfect condition – beautifully packed. Thank you for the little pocket cigar book very interesting.

Until the next one

Best Regards, Andrew N. - London - U.K.
Dear Gabriel,

The package just now arrived (3:24pm). Thank you.

I will email you and when I return from my trip after I have had a chance to enjoy one of the cigars.

Kindest regards, Greg K. - N.J. - U.S.A.
Recebi agora a encomenda, agradeço a simpática oferta!

Cedi um dos charutos de oferta a um colega meu, grande apreciador, creio q se vai tornar seu cliente tb.

Bons fumos,
Rudolf G. - Lisboa - Portugal
Dear Don Gabriel

My apologies for not having replied yesterday – I have been ill – laryngitis – I have lost my voice so I am staying in bed & watching films.

The cigars arrived fit and well – Thanks for the 3 ‘Don Gabriel’ cigars

With my head-cold I am not best placed to give an opinion on the R.A. petites but they are beautifully rolled - draw well & burn nice and evenly. The cold should be over in a day or two and I will let you know.

Once again a very prompt and excellent service many thanks.

Best regards, Keith - London - U.K.
Exmos Senhores

É com prazer que informo que a minha encomenda chegou hoje em perfeito estado.

Obrigado, João L. - Lisboa - Portugal
Amigo Gabriel...

Envio este mail para confirmar a recepção da encomenda no dia 13 Abril, e agradecer o isqueiro de oferta bem como a Cigar Aficionado.

Carlos T. - Aveiro - Portugal
Bom dia,

Acuso a recepção da encomenda no dia 20. A encomenda estava como esperado e em perfeito estado. Aliás, apresento os meus parabéns pelo cuidado que demonstraram na embalagem do humidificador Don Gabriel Presidente.

Pedro A.
Dear Gabriel

I have recieved the cigars some time ago.
I have to say that they are awasome.
The flavour is astonishing.

Thank you very much!
You will hear form me soon.

Best Rigards Zbigniew D. - Poland
Obrigado pela encomenda, que hoje recebi, e especialmente pela oferta que vinha junta.

Melhores cumprimentos, Gonçalo C. - Macau
Caro Gabriel Nogueira de Matos,

É com prazer que reporto que recebi agora a encomenda em perfeitas condições.

Cumprimentos, Pedro C. - Portugal
I receive my order today, and it was perfekt, you will be hearing from me again.

regards, Carsten - Denmark
Dear Gabriel

I would like to thank you for your helpful and efficient service. I received my order today and am very pleased with care taken to ensure the cigars reached me in good condition. I am yet to smoke them but am certainly looking forward to trying them. Will F. - U.S.A.
Dear Sir,
Everything arrived in perfect order.
Thank You very much

Regards, Thomas M. - Austria
Encomenda recebida. Bom acondicionamento, tudo impecável.
Enviarei a minha opinião após a respectiva degustação!
Com os melhores cumprimentos Pedro B. - Funchal - Madeira
Thanks so much for the excellent cigars! Great service, fast delivery. This was my first
purchase from Don Gabriel, and I will now be a happy regular customer.

Yours, John R. - U.S.A.
Dear Mr. Don,

yesterday i've received your shipment and Present, thank you very much, the Cigars are in excellent conditions.

Best wishes from good old Germany OLIVER O. - Germany
A encomenda foi recebida em boas condições.
De facto tudo funcionou a tempo.
Dia 14, ainda de manhã, estavam a entregá-la o que me permitiu fazer a oferta a horas.

Cumprimentos, Caleida R. - Portugal
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